Walked up areas

Walked up Area and book and go Rough Shoot Area - Maerdy / Llanfihangel GM North Wales

We have 1400 acres here on the edge of the Bettws GG driven shoot they put 22,000 pheasant to wood and we have an established arrangement withe the owner and keeper so there is no hard feelings. Fantastic walked up grounds + 270 acres of rough book and go ground we do 8 days walked up here freeing membership and if your a deer stalk member there is no further cost it is covered in your stalking fee - great added value

Boundary /Partridge on moorland on top of mountain - September onwards

new 300 acre moorland shoot we have 500 partridge for release in this area the odd covey of grouse are around ideal for guns with pointers or small group up to 6 guns for a walked around day club gets 2 days for 60 a member cost private guests are at 32 a bird expect 35-40 mixed partridge snipe grouse, Private clients complete form and ask for further details via a4 summary sheet.

Walked up area - Northampton 2 days

Good mixed day mainly pheasant and Grey partridge which makes a difference to red legs. its 35 to pay from member a cheap lovely day out.

Boundary days at Bettws GG large driven shoot at Maerdy Corwen

A welcome addition for a mix of club days out and for groups of 4-6 guns on a private basis at 1850 a day 40-50 pheasant and other mixed game includes duck flight from November.

Walked up area - Angelsey Fantastic ground with top duck Woodcock snipe and pheasant - top drawer 4 days allowed 2 free and 2 at 120 a day

3500 acres on Angelsey 1 block areas 2 -250 acres area 3-200 acres area 4- 270 acres 5 - 310acres 6 300 acres
Walked members are given 2 free days and 2 subsidised (120) walked up days we have, this is top woodcock and snipe ground a normal private day here is 285 a gun so its great value for members to access one of the best wild bird shoots in the UK for free and subsidised - 1 block will be allocated this season 2018 as a rough shoot book and go. Walked up Driven and rough shoot area

Rough shooting at Porthmaddoc - Cwm Pennant North Wales

We have here a 300 acre block of mixed woodland some wetland and re-planting of broadleaf trees many great strips of mature woodland and gorse in a gully are next to the river Dwyfor a noted sea trout river, we have put 250 ex lay pheasants on the ground to start a breeding population and central and in suitable spots faded barrels which are visited all year around and fed with wheat its a very good woodcock ground as well as is all this area. Its a book and go on your own situation ensure your dog is sheep safe.

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