Rough Shooting

Deer Stalking Area or Rough shooting area - Isle-of-Sky Scotland

Eilean Larmain is by the isle-of Ornsay -Isle-of - Sky on the A851 9 miles south of Broadford 7 miles north of Armadale
Acreage 22,0000 : 50% cost to Members £220 plus vat a stag and £120 a hind plus vat. We have rough shoot walked up available at £110 per gun subsidised by club has to be minimum of 4 persons.
Book through Head office only.

Rough Shooting Area - Llangollen North Wales

This is a do it yourself day suits all types inexperienced and experienced guns Horshoe Pass - Near Llangollen North Wales rough shooting pheasant grouse and woodcock on moorland edge - book and go

Rough Shooting Area - LlanelHearn North Wales

Llanelhearn - Lynn Peninsula North Wales a small 170 acre shoot we use this for training dogs but good rabbit Fox here

Rough Shooting Areas - Bala North Wales

Taly Bont Farm Rhyduchaf Bala North Wales : 270 acres Rough shooting only

Rough Shooting & Vermin Area - Angelsey 200 acres

Ty Hirion farm offers good duck geese and pheasant abounding the RSPCA protected area - Fox control required.

Deer Stalking Area - Dorset Sturminster Newton at Hinton St Mary's

300 acres of nice ground book and go direct lease - tower hide in place. book with farmer and myself. There is rough shooting allowed in season.

Boundary /Partridge on moorland on top of mountain - September onwards

new 300 acre moorland shoot we have 500 partridge for release in this area the odd covey of grouse are around ideal for guns with pointers or small group up to 6 guns for a walked around day club gets 2 days for £60 a member cost private guests are at £32 a bird expect 35-40 mixed partridge snipe grouse, Private clients complete form and ask for further details via a4 summary sheet.

Boundary days at Bettws GG large driven shoot at Maerdy Corwen

A welcome addition for a mix of club days out and for groups of 4-6 guns on a private basis at £1850 a day 40-50 pheasant and other mixed game includes duck flight from November.

Hayes Farm, Moorside, Sturminster Newton

A new block for 2018 we have installed 3 high seats so far no stalks as just started there are two points here no shooting towards the lake its riddled with carp fishermen but doesn't seem to stop the deer from walking close to - its 250 acres with a 40 acre block across the local road here so safety is everything hence the high seats thesis are in fixed points for shooting in safe zones just be courteous to the farmer Richard h’e a nice guy and we may get his sons ground if we prove safe and sensible. One of the high seats in the picture. Free in Membership as direct lease. Roe and Sika.

Deer Stalking Area - Lymburghs Farm Marnhull Dorset


110 acres of wet meadows and grassland hedge, small copses and some woodland a small river runs at edge of property Jim Primrose is the farmer you can contact to book by telephoning head office first and Jim next primarily Roe and Sika deer there is a head of pheasant around and partridge and a pond and flashes with duck - please do not shoot Woodcock,Snipe,Moorhen or coot, and ground game - Hare please.
Ensure you bury or take away any entrails head etc, you may ‘graloch’ please. Photograph and send pictures of any Kill and please let me know the condition of the animal and always offer Jim some venison please.
The map must be studied carefully we are putting up 3 high seats so familiarise yourself with there location as there are some no shoot zones 1 there is a Carp Lake which is the same one as abutting Hayes farm, so no shooting in that direction and there is a road in the area footpaths are around please be aware - all we ask is that you study the map and use the high seats they are placed in positions for maximum safety.

Belongs to you at no cost ensure a clean up takes place if you Graloch on site.

Direct leased Stalk and rough shoot

Rough shooting at Porthmaddoc - Cwm Pennant North Wales

We have here a 300 acre block of mixed woodland some wetland and re-planting of broadleaf trees many great strips of mature woodland and gorse in a gully are next to the river Dwyfor a noted sea trout river, we have put 250 ex lay pheasants on the ground to start a breeding population and central and in suitable spots faded barrels which are visited all year around and fed with wheat its a very good woodcock ground as well as is all this area. Its a book and go on your own situation ensure your dog is sheep safe.

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