Pigeon Shooting

Pigeon shooting /Duck and Geese in season - Northampton areas

4000 acres of great crop land on the banks of the River Teme lovely area You pay fee per day and claim back 50% from the club

Pigeon Shooting Area - Leicestershire near Kirkby Mallory etc

30,000 plus acres for wood-pigeon over a vast variety of crops best spring March April then end July to end of September Guide here for assistance cost per day is subsidised we pay 35 which you match on the day and claim back from HQ

Pigeon shooting /vermin only - Prestatyn North Wales

Wood Pigeon/Fox vermin control over 2000 acres Excellent roost and decoy shooting ground given crop structures

Pigeon shooting only - Wrexham North Wales

Wrexham Pigeon shoot over winter rape and roost shooting only. Nigel farmer : various crop fields: Pigeon roost shooting and decoying over crops.

Walked up area - Northampton 2 days

Good mixed day mainly pheasant and Grey partridge which makes a difference to red legs. its 35 to pay from member a cheap lovely day out.

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