Deer Stalking Areas

Deer Stalking Area - Dorset near Sherborne at Bagber

Available Just book and go high quality Roe on site

Deer Stalking Area or Rough shooting area - Isle-of-Sky Scotland

Eilean Larmain is by the isle-of Ornsay -Isle-of - Sky on the A851 9 miles south of Broadford 7 miles north of Armadale
Acreage 22,0000 : 50% cost to Members £220 plus vat a stag and £120 a hind plus vat. We have rough shoot walked up available at £110 per gun subsidised by club has to be minimum of 4 persons.
Book through Head office only.

Deer stalking area -Loch Lomond

At Alexandria near Loch Lomond with 6 high seat areas in strategic places scenery is stunning over the Clyde Estuary towards Greenock. 350 acres of lovely Roe ground. Bothy with wood burner and experienced guide and quad bike for easy extraction.
300 acres, Of Roe stalking costs are as follows - you will pay the stalking fee of £120 cash (you claim it back ) a cull animal is £75.00 it is yours to do as you wish - bronze £125, Silver £175.00 Gold £225.00 are between you and the guide mot at our cost.

Deer stalking area Dumfries and Galloway 1-18 blocks area 1

This has to be one of the most untouched areas it’s a variable cost as the member pays the stalker £100.00 you claim back from club works well. He is used quite well Tel no: we cover your stalk cost claim back and give Stuart cash a £30 fee for the venison payable.
Various farms 17 in total over 18000 acres in total, Stalking only but good geese present in season at a discounted cost to members, their is 17 differing areas. Various Farms over large acreage: Stalking and some pigeon shooting over crops

Deer Stalking area Dumfries and Galloway (Corbieton Haugh of Urr) block area 2

Corbieton Haugh of Urr , Near Dumfries - 4000 acres Roe Deer stalking full refund on stalking fees £120 per day

Deer Stalking area Dumfries and Galloway-3-extra new areas from February 2018 block (access to other blocks England 6 species)

You will be with an experienced stalker with access to all 6 species in Scotland and England Wales so for the club and excellent addition. either on a 1-1 or 2-1 basis this will also improve quality of training for beginners and those who feel uncomfortable in the field.
Prices are very simple we offer Red, Fallow and Roe stalking for cull animals in SW Scotland at a fee of £200 per person per day including one cull animal per outing. (The club will refund £120 per day on claiming at HQ).

Deer Stalking Area - Thetford Norfolk - 4 species

2200 acreage Deer stalking only .
We pay outing fee and 50% of muntjac doe or buck below 5cm any trophies are your own cost as is venison. Roe Deer doe or cull buck, plus 4 pointer we pay 50% trophies your cost - claim back normal way. Fallow buck your cost.
Other species CWD we only pay your outing fees you are responsible for any shot animal read your A4 Summary carefully before booking
Red Deer: we pay Hind 50% (ie £25.00) and a cull stage £80,00 we pay (£40 refund), any trophies are your responsibility with Jim, a trophy varies from £150-£850.00

Deer Stalking Area - Shrewsbury near Oswestry North Wales - Fallow Deer

Use our experienced stalker for a day out or training needs highly experienced especially for beginners

Deer Stalking Area - Devon multi blocks

Accredited Witnesses highly experienced stalker’s with access to a number of species Normally I prefer 1 on 1 but 2 if experienced and trusted can be accommodated. ‘Novices are not a problem I am used to that as long as they can shoot ok and safely , I do not wish to have to spend all day on the range ‘.

DSC1 is generally fine, my associate and I are both AW s. We repay am and pm stalking costs in full. £80 an outing (we refund all outing fees) Take your ID card or you won’t be stalking
Carcass is at what ever the game dealer is paying, in the skin, per lb. (take enough cash for 65 kilo if a Fallow or 40 kilo roe. Muntjac 25 kilo (No trophy fees its your luck if a good head).
My landline is after dark is best.after 7pm please

Deer Stalking Area - Herefordshire at Yeld Hill near Kington

Yeld Hill Marsden Herefordshire 1500 Acres: Deer stalking only
Claim back stalking fees £120 prepay and 50% of carcass fees Muntjac, Roe and Fallow.

Deer Stalking Area - Dorset Sturminster Newton at Hinton St Mary's

300 acres of nice ground book and go direct lease - tower hide in place. book with farmer and myself. There is rough shooting allowed in season.

Deer Stalking Area - Shrewsbury near Oswestry North Wales - Fallow Deer

Criggion, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 9BB – Deer stalking. tel Various acre’s:

1:1 stalking over 17000 acres Chippenham at Blunsdon near Swindon

A fantastic block of ground giving opportunities on Roe Muntjac and Fall deer the A4 summary is available for members members if you are enquiring to join we can send a list of grounds in that list are details of the stalks in some detail.

Deer Stalking Area- Kent-Tunbridge Wells

Guide here provides a stalking service where Fallow deer are culled, we arrange for the member to contact the stalker and make his own arrangements we re- fund £120.00 to the member on each outing venison your cost.

West Country Deer Wiltshire Somerset Dorset

This is a nice addition to the syndicate offering extensive grounds in and around the West Country covering Wiltshire Somerset Dorset and others. It is an accompanied /training/ or on own in high seat opportunity. The club will cover daily outing fees. Species available Roe Buck, but be fully aware of Gram costs before pulling the trigger!!

Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer Buck.Sika Stag i.e Cull stag £180 and ask about fees for points. Fallow cull buck £154 trophies please ask stalker.

Winter culling fees for Roe Fallow and Muntjac with own rifle £200 per day. club will cover 75% no other charges unless carcass is required and sold at current game dealer rate. No limit on numbers shot within reason.

Book direct and contact HQ informing them of booking and we need to have photos and a refund form completed before we refund any outing fees.

Wild Boar Area - East Sussex oak Wood Beckley

High Tower situation - The club will cover up to £50 towards a carcass cost only.

All outings are £85.00 per person covered x 3 visits by club funds.

Ensure you take cash to pay on the day and complete the attached sheet and return to head office book first with Mark Boulton and then with HO.

Accompanied high tower shooting at dusk and during the night. Can take 2 guests at a time, £200 for the first one and £100 for the second hunter. Each shot fired (each pig shot at) whether it's a kill, miss or wounded animal will cost £100. Any trophy can be kept FOC, but meat/carcass will be extra. A carcass will cost £1.50 per lb - gralloched weight with head and feet removed, but with the skin still on. Meat will cost £4.00 per lb, including butchering, packaging and local delivery a week or so after being shot.

Wild boar to be shot range from 30kg up to 150kg plus, but the majority are likely to be between 50kg and 80kg. Unless a pig is shot very early on, it is likely that the night's activity will stop as soon as the first pig is shot. This is a new venture for me and there are very many wild boar in and around my woodland - I do not want to overshoot the place as I want to enjoy the wild boar in my woodland for many years to come.
If you have any potential clients who want to see the land before they commit, no problem, as once they've seen the degree of activity in the wood for themselves you are sure to realise that you have a good chance of seeing and hopefully shooting a wild boar

Hayes Farm, Moorside, Sturminster Newton

A new block for 2018 we have installed 3 high seats so far no stalks as just started there are two points here no shooting towards the lake its riddled with carp fishermen but doesn't seem to stop the deer from walking close to - its 250 acres with a 40 acre block across the local road here so safety is everything hence the high seats thesis are in fixed points for shooting in safe zones just be courteous to the farmer Richard h’e a nice guy and we may get his sons ground if we prove safe and sensible. One of the high seats in the picture. Free in Membership as direct lease. Roe and Sika.

Deer Stalking Area - Chippenham Cambridgeshire

10,000 various acreage Deer stalking only - We pay outing fee and 50% of muntjac doe or buck below 5cm any trophies are your own cost as is venison. Roe Deer doe or cull buck, plus 4 pointer we pay 50% trophies your cost - claim back normal way. Fallow buck your cost.

Chippenham Wiltshire - Bath to Bradford-on-avon to Chippenham and Cain.4000 acres

4000 acres of mixed terrain.
£60 an outing fully refunded by HQ, Roe buck 4 points £100 6 points £250 any medal £350 - KEEP THE MEAT.
Muntjac £50 doe or buck medal £150. KEEP THE MEAT
50% of all trophy fees refunded by HQ.

Deer Stalking Area - Lymburghs Farm Marnhull Dorset


110 acres of wet meadows and grassland hedge, small copses and some woodland a small river runs at edge of property Jim Primrose is the farmer you can contact to book by telephoning head office first and Jim next primarily Roe and Sika deer there is a head of pheasant around and partridge and a pond and flashes with duck - please do not shoot Woodcock,Snipe,Moorhen or coot, and ground game - Hare please.
Ensure you bury or take away any entrails head etc, you may ‘graloch’ please. Photograph and send pictures of any Kill and please let me know the condition of the animal and always offer Jim some venison please.
The map must be studied carefully we are putting up 3 high seats so familiarise yourself with there location as there are some no shoot zones 1 there is a Carp Lake which is the same one as abutting Hayes farm, so no shooting in that direction and there is a road in the area footpaths are around please be aware - all we ask is that you study the map and use the high seats they are placed in positions for maximum safety.

Belongs to you at no cost ensure a clean up takes place if you Graloch on site.

Direct leased Stalk and rough shoot

Deer Stalking Area -Gloucestershire

7500 + acre's : Deer stalking only. With stalker on site.
You claim back stalking outings £120 per day and 50% of carcass fee.

North Herefordshire - 1000 acres near Hereford town.

Muntjac & Fallow buck Stalking with stalker in North Herefordshire Over nice ground
£50 per stalk - morning and evening stalking = £100.00. (club pays all stalk fees on claim form).
£100 per shot muntjac - 50% of cost claim back from club. £100-£200 shot Fallow buck - 50% claim back from club. £20.00 per muntjac carcass - own cost.
£1 per lb for Fallow buck Carcass -£50 contribution from club. Single or double guns are welcomed.

Somerset stalking over 1000 acres - roe deer only

Over mixed terrain
£100 per outing - morning and evening stalking, All day stalk fees on claim form).
£50 per Doe - 50% of cost claim back from club. £100 cull buck- 50% claim back from club.
= £150.00.
(club pays 75%
£150 for 6 pointer / medal fee may apply to be agreed at time ask Will for details when booking.
£25 refunded - Venison at market cost Single or double guns are welcomed.

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