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Questions & Answers.

Rough Shooting Syndicate:

  1. Q. What is the cost of joining the rough shooting syndicate Per Annum  
    A. £350.00  Y1, £300 Y2 thereafter same cost.
  2. Q. Are there any further costs?
    A. Yes only if you attend some walked up shoot we charge a £12.00 per bird shot fee only i.e. you shoot 3 you pay £36.00.
  3. Q. Can I book as many times as I like?
    A. Yes there is no limit on visit’s. Walked up days are though designated days accept Presteigne Powys.
  4. Q. Can I take a guest?
    A. Yes but only twice and a fee of £35.00 is payable prior to the visit to any of our lands, If a walked up shoot a fee of £50 is payable and bird cost of £15.00 applies.
  5. Q. Can We lamp vermin such as Fox and Rabbit etc?
    A. Yes but firstly check out your CD information on each shoot and phone to make sure to HO.
  6. Q. Do we need to be insured?
    A. Yes BASC Countryside Alliance or other liability insurance is required and a copy must be provided to HO on application.
  7. Q. Can I take my dog/s on any of the rough shoots?
    A. Yes accept Foston in Leicestershire farmer’s rules not ours.
  8. Q. Parking vehicles can we get access to the land easily?
    A. yes there is a designated parking area when booking farmer will advise just don’t block gateways or other entrances and shut gates behind you.
  9. Q. If I book a plot of  land for the day, will I meet any other syndicate members?
    A. No its yours for the day solely, for safety reasons, unless you and a friend go out as a party.

Explanation of our Deer Stalking Syndicate:

  1. Q. Do you have a management plan.
    A. Yes,  Firstly we have to protect our land and maintain a sensible stock of Deer that we can cull every year.
  2. Q. Can I take a guest?
    A. You can take a guest only once per annum and you may share a rifle and he has to use your rifle allocation on the ground that day the member needs to ensure he has a dated letter allowing spouse/friend/relative to shoot on his membership.
  3. Q. May I visit any of the stalks?
    A. You may visit any  stalks we have current to ensure the cull we do is effective, or stalks obtained in the future this applies to all syndicate members on a book and go.
  4. Q. How do I book?
    A. You must book with me  and the farmer or landowner prior to going stalking and leave a note or sign sheet at farm (note if you go early) or telephone farmer minimum of 24 hrs before arriving.
  5. Q. Do I have to report any kills and in what circumstances? 
    A. Yes Report to me all deer shot sex age and head approximate weight. Species. What happened to carcass, condition etc.
  6. Q. Trophy Fees do I pay these as well?
    A. No All heads are yours as is all venison subject to the information given on your CD pack supplied if you don’t want the meat let me know immediately we will arrange for collection.
  7. Q. So there are no further fees?
    A. Yes but only on a number of stalks which we class as subsidised and the normal way is for the stalker accompanying the member to be paid directly by the member : the member then has 14 days to claim back the apportioned fee or whatever is designated for that specific stalk.
  8. Q. Can you assist with our FAC and Police application?
    A. Yes that’s correct and also for additional weapons required for larger deer etc. You will be allowed to name the land, we do not charge a fee for this service it’s a membership privilege.
  9. Q. Do I need a DSC1?
    A. No as long as you have experience and can prove this, and also if a beginner to stalking we will consider you as long as you agree to a coaching/mentoring scheme which we will enter you for, some extra cost is involved for other peoples time and training.
  10. Q. Do you offer comprehensive training if I need it ?
    A. As at 10 Yes we provide a training platform for you, and we have accredited witnesses within our membership who will assist anyone wishing to move up the ladder.
  11. Q. Have you a list of current areas for prospective members to look at  on a quick basis?
    A. Yes we have put a full list of what is available next.We have the following stalks which we directly lease:

    1. Pulham 780 acres: Good Roe plenty of them    (no further charge applies)
    2. Map powder 400 acres: Good Roe plenty of them ( no further charge applies).
    3. Bagber 400 acres: Good Roe plenty of them (no further charge applies).
    4. Map powder 50 acres very productive. Good Roe. (no further charge applies).
    5. Sturminster Newton Dorset at Thornton Farm near Hinton St Mary, we have acquired this farm as of 31st May this year contract and payment sent today, its 300 acres nice people usual book and go arrangements. Details on CD file hard map good for a change. (free within membership cost).
    6. Gelli Grin Bala North Wales 550 acres Fallow only  (no further charge applies).
    7. Presteigne Powys mid Wales 890 acres Forest stalk Fallow, Roe, Muntjac. (no further charge applies).
    8. Llangollen North Wales 400 acres, we have Fallow deer here we might have Muntjac as spoor has been found. (no further charge applies).
    9. Sutherland Scotland six thousand acres Red deer and Sika. We have negotiated a deal which will allow you a red deer stag within your membership cost.  A guide and an Argo cat can be hired to assist getting shot animals back to base, (£50.00 man and hire) I’m advised its easy walking ground up to 1500 feet, if you want a second stag £150 per animal hinds are £100.  Sika £150.00 stag or hind. There is an estimate of 400 Red deer on this estate and 40–50 Sika Deer. Bed and breakfast plus evening meal packed lunch all in for £40.00 with the estates family a chalet with twin beds is on site a third camp bed will be available. (second deer charge applies but low cost). You may camp if you wish. (Unaccompanied or accompanied your choice) Deal agreed 19th June and bookings can be made from this date. It is accompanied.
    10. Scottish Borders you have a 4000 acre block with good roe over young plantation area we can arrange a guide if you wish at your cost the stalking is (unaccompanied). Training available with stalker here it is near Springholme and Haugh of Urr village Galloway. The way this is done is you book initially days through us, you will then book and pay under your own name for the days out and then from there send us a receipt for re-imbursement this is the only way we can work this. (book direct claim back fee). (Unaccompanied).
    11. Southern Ireland Co Tipperary  new deal on the way a rifle for rifle swop which will access us quailty Sika and average Fallow deer this has to be a good deal as its close to a cottage I own and which sleeps four persons on the banks of the river Suir Cottage can be rented for £225 a week and has all facilities (pub ½ mile away being the best facility)!  Will keep you posted as this comes on line.
    12. A 270 acre stalking and vermin shoot at Hinton St Mary Dorset at Thornton farm (Unaccompanied).
    13. Suffolk 550 acres near Bury-St-Edmunds a Fallow and muntjac stalk high seats, accompanied to seat left on own after this get a kill phone Richard and he will come and assist, you get 50% of Carcass only but (no further charge we pay visit fee).
    14. 550 acres at Hinton St Mary Dorset near Sherborne, over 2 x farms next to Thonton farm on board mid July Stalking in fields hedges and wooded area for Roe deer (unaccompanied).
    15. Scotland at Wigtown Bay near Bladnoch extensive area for Roe and red deer (accompanied ) Roe deer free in Membership red deer 1st one free there after a £100 for the animal and £100 for the carcass stag or hind. A 12pointer will set you back £450 plus carcass fee of £100.00 (Roe Free in membership cost).
    16. We advertise in local publications on a monthly basis looking for 5 new stalks for 2007.
    17. Ayrshire near Girvan we have access to roe stalking accompanied currently We pay 50% of ouring fee for a 3 day stalk after this we pay 50% of outing fee daily. Trophies are between you and the stalker as is venison.
    18. New Stalk in Derbyshire near Calverly, in peak district 750 acres good cover and woodland blocks while there found red deer tracks and droppings at edge of wood near watering area, Fallow, Red deer. (non-accompanied).
    19. New Stalk currently being discussed at Maiden Newton Dorset 800 acres have a fallow problem at least 40 animals to be culled, roe plentiful as well and a good rough shoot. We should know by end of month. July 2007 (unaccompanied) WE got this on 21st June 2007.
    20. Norfolk near Swaffham started negotiating the stalking rights over 7500 areas we will need to have a cull plan and the muntjac here are superb probable British record buck’s Game keeper has been veru helpful and will discuss with owner when his back from over seas end of June so finger’s crossed. Roe Muntjac some red deer present. (Unaccompanied).
    21. Angus in Fife we have started to negotiate a 2000 acre farm here with a roe deer problem we will probably get this as we are 75% down the road will get nod end of June 2007.
    22. Fife, Angus, Aberdeenshire, central and North East Scotland Quite a scoop, downside its partly accompanied, the deal is a flat rate £85.00 for morning and evening stalk in one day you are limited to 10 visits per season @ £50% our cost and after this a £85.00 per visit deal will apply, not only that you can keep any heads at no extra cost, you can take the venison at no extra cost, what you do is pay Mr Robb £85 per day and claim back 50% from head office for 10 visits only, but you can go as many times as you like in real terms I’m sure another great deal.

Discounted Stalks (not in House)

  1. Concession at Dunoon Scotland over 12,000 acres £270 plus vat hinds or stags, Does or bucks £230.00 plus vat for a full weeks stalking, only other cost is a small points fee at 4 points for stags, £25 and say a 12 pointer £90.00 plus vat all bucks no charge.  YOU must stay DBB with family at £35.00 per night that is the only criteria.
  2. Discounted stalks at Newton Stewart 10% if you are a syndicate member over numerous blocks usual charge £120 a day and £30 a shot a points fee does apply and a hind is £35 and a Doe £25.
  3. Fallow Stalk East Grinstead, we have a Fallow high seat here and as a syndicate member (basic syndicate £350.00) you will pay £50 an outing first 2 visits and £70 there after and the head is yours but venison is 50-60p Kilo after Garolched and skinned etc.
  4. Ayrshire region – Roe deer and Fallow you are allowed two visits within your basic membership of £750.00 and 1 Fallow stalk visit. If you want more days there is a supplemental cost of £250.00 per annum but you can have as many as 8 roe days and 4 Fallow days. In your membership cost. Plus £250.00 additional annual fee. For 9 and 10 Concession.
  5. What will this be we wonder!!
    If you can find for £750.00 PA 1-8 + 12-13 + 16 plus a new one’s in Dorset  and new one in Suffolk plus a further Scottish one near Wigton in Scotland are free in membership for Roe, and Sutherland has a low cost charge per 2nd deer first being free in membership. What we offer will continue to grow and accumulating quality stalks for our members benefit in more locations UK wide, we do travel extensively to increase our stalks.