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General News.

Hello everyone, firstly thanks to all the members who helped last year to make it a great season its not compulsory and we don’t ask for help it was volunteered,  whether beating, working dogs, cage work, or being (nearly shot )no kidding here it all adds up to a good club with good members.

Well we are 5 years in from when I started and a lot of money later! I feel we have a formula now that will continually be improved as we move forward, nothing is for ever and we have let go or lost land luckily not to much and its in general that this balances out with new leases getting sorted not very long after we lose a piece.

The newsletter is a 2- page affair and we have a comments section from some of the members, we do appreciate input and suggestions so don’t be afraid to ring and make your self  heard.

New land for 2008/9.

Rough shoots:
Quina Brook Wem, Shropshire: we lost this in 2007/8 but have it back fro the coming season a 300 acre mixed shoot with several good ponds. 20 minutes from Whitchurch.

Dorset near Sherborne: Lushes and Marshalls farm Dorset x 2 its next to Thornton farm and offers good rough shooting 600 acres in total

Midlands:We are trying to get a Pigeon area near Northampton and it may be we have to strike a deal with the guy here i.e we pay a subsidized cost per day, much like the goose flight at Burton Mere, we would have to limit visits from HO cost point of view to say 6 @ £15.00 subsidised You pay the other £15.00 for the day out.

We are looking for a plot in the midlands presently which we lease directly ill be spending a few days in the area knocking on farm doors in June to see if we pick up something decent.

Walked up shoots:
Presteigne Montgomeryshire, near Ludlow, first 3 birds free after that £15.00 a bird group or single gun can book game keeper and dog will go out with you.

 Llangollen, North Wales,  keeping price as 2007 season @ £12.00 a bird shot on day expected bag 25-35 bird on a day for 8 guns, the cages and barrels are all there so no up costs this season, we will put down 1500 pheasant and 350 duck -2008,
Birds are £3.50 a poult and ducks £2.75 to buy in grain costs were £90.00  a ton in 2006, last season  £160.00 a ton, this season £190.00 is the guide price its getting ridiculous, but as we have no cage costs at this shoot now just some repair work on the bottom  old holding pen, I’ve already got the posts  on the wirral just to pick up and take down down and bash in and tie, and it’ll do another few years. 10 days for 2008/9 season.

Alwen Valley shoot, we have 2 guns on a Thursday here well attended last season and if they run it we will take the guns again.

Bala rough shoot: I’m hoping  with the loss of  Mappowder  farmer has decided his sons want to shoot the land for themselves now they are 18, had we been told this was to happen we would not have invested in 2 cages quad bike and 4×4 Discovery plus all ancillary feeding and watering equipment, Tim Hill and Gerry are taking the cages down and gathering the equipment together before 15th of April. The equipment will be moved including stripped cages electrics to be put into Bala, We will work the one cage for 2008 and put 500-750 poult’s (cash available). down and get it right then we will put the second cage up for the 2009 season, and get it to the same standard as Llangollen cash allowing. We will do 10 days on the shoot this season and supplemental charge of £12.00 will apply per shot bird. We had some great duck and woodcock snipe in 2007 and good days and bad days with pheasant ex-layers already down and breeding.

(W are looking for a new rough shoot to replace Bala if we make it a walked up.)

Deer Stalking Land:
Losses for 2008/9

Cranbourne Chase Wiltshire, has been an excellent stalk but the owner is changing direction and we lose this from the 15th of March 2008. The two new high seats are being stripped and removed on the last day.

Mappowder, Dorset, this 5 year piece of  land goes as well as the sons of the farmer are taking the shooting rights it has been an average stalk but always had plenty of deer around.

Gains for 2008/9

Presteigne Montgomery shire, 300 acres stalking signed up December 2008.

Lushes Farm Dorset, 300 acres rough shoot and deer stalking 1st April 2008.

Marshalls Farm Dorset, 300 acres rough shoot and deer stalking 1st April 2008.

Sedborough Farm  near Bideford Devon, 1000 acres Deer stalking only  August 2007.

Docton Farm  near Bideford Devon, 1000 acres of Deer stalking only August 2007.

Under Negotiation for April 2008

Isle-Of-Skye, Scotland, An agent I work with in Scotland has the chance of 2 blocks of woodland  around 1500 acres in total for his woodcock shooting operation, has offered me the Deer Stalking ill inform you of progress or if we get it some of these deals can be long winded

Dorcot Forest Near Fort William, we tendered for the woodland via Flintshire woodlands, and were unsuccessful it was 800 acres decent red and roe deer. ( its just to show members although you might not hear much about what we do we are always on the lookout for good stalking grounds).

Back-Up Farm Trough of Bowland Lancashire, this has been introduced by a member and friend Peter Harpley his uncle owns 500 acres here and with the next door neighbouring land owners we will get 2000 acres of Sika and Roe deer stalking in a beautiful valley (the Roe Valley) we are 75% there one land owner –an eco warrior type of character has now been approached by Peter and he looks like it will be a yes, the deer are doing tremendous damage to the hard wood trees in the valley which will be the tipping point for his decision, again ill keep you informed as to progress, or ring me in April to see where we are with this.

General Chit Chat:
Member comments, Christian Garcia a 2 year member commented “I have been to many syndicates paying silly money and none of them has given me what I really was looking for and that is spending the day out with my Springer (Frodo) chasing Pheasants, rabbits, woodcock, ECT…whatever scent Frodo can follow… Well, thanks to now I
can finally enjoy my weekends with Frodo for a very reasonable fee”.

Christian below with a grouse taken of the Bala shoot.


Member comments, Peter Harpley, “the walked up shooting is fantastic just on its own its worth being a member just for the social day out with like minded people, on one day at Bala on a woodcock shoot we saw moved over 30 and shot 6 add a few Hare some pheasant and duck and it was a great day,  Terry the keeper at Llangollen works his socks of to ensure we all have a great days semi driven walked up, the birds he puts over us are sporting and challenging thanks Terry”.

Member comments, Ross Atkinson, new stalking member “ I had problems joining a syndicate which was hard enough and most wanted £600-800 for 1 piece of land, land is well run and managed and offers incredible value the membership is kept low enough to have allowed me to go to any stalk land without a problem every time ive booked and if you work it out its under £30 per piece of land , now that’s serious value for money, well done”.

Member comments,Charlie Humphreys 3rd year stalking member, “ Just great value and easy to book success rate is high and low pressured”.

Below is a roe deer shot at North Dairy Farm by Charlie.


Here is a new Duck flight area which has 5 ponds we do use this commercially 5 times per year and put 500 duck on the ponds but we have 5 syndicate flights planned for 2008/9 those are my own dogs and you can see the duck on the pond, this is the central pond there are 3 to the left and 2 to the right in front of the ponds behind where I’ve taken the picture is a wood stand, for 10-20 mins before dark the woodcock flight out and iot can be great shooting after the first good moon.


A successful walked up day bag at Llangollen, North Wales.


Goose flight session at Burton Mere its subsidized members pay £35 a morning session club pays £30.


The Flight pond on the Wirral rough shoot:  note there are a good number of Canada’s on this pond at various times during the day probably 50 last Saturday the 8th and  note you can cull them 12 months of the year no season for them now. As you can see plenty of duck present, for geese best visited on the high tides so get a Liverpool tide table to ensure a good hunt. In season decent pheasant Partridge red legs and grey’s, good snipe water hen, good hare and many ditches which produce teal, shoveller, and Mallard duck.


Safety Issues and conducting yourself on the land:
Only 2-3 instants to report both by the same person, its done in innocence I guess but please read the information on each shoot Foston in Leicstershire is only a pigeon and vermin shoot, and one member went and shot 2 Hare, the farmer took these of him and asked him to never return, we have retained the shoot as im good at patching things up but lets not get to this stage.

At Wirral we have  at one end of the shoot a large flight pond with a footpath running close to the pond and council houses overlooking the area, I always get the heebie jeebies shooting this please don’t shoot low please don’t shoot towards the houses, and as one idiot did don’t carry your gun uncocked over your shoulder so the barrel is parallel with the ground, its dangerous, and he was spotted by the farmers son again I have had to tell him he is not to go on the land again guess what it was the same guy from Foston,2 warnings ! 3rd time its ‘see you my boy’.

On the walked up shoot please be aware of where beaters are and also your companions we had some over excited people this year but on our training day we resolved the matter ‘safely’ with two members, I have been out with them myself and they have always been careful but we had to pull them up nicely and ensure they understood what the complaint was and that is that. Much improved and it was taken in the right manner by both the members.

Deer stalking incidents:
None 100% safety, What a pleasant surprise.

Summary of 2008 season:
Overall we had much improved shooting in all our areas, walked up were well booked and used Deer stalking bookings were steady and good deer were taken of all areas. Woodcock numbers have been high and we did well, duck flighting has been good also with many birds being taken. General membership renewals are well up and better than previous years possibly to do with variety and types of shoot we have, the deer stalking gives staggering value considering the land we have available, you would pay the amount we charge for 1 plot of  land. A lot of our up costs for cages etc has now been paid and this means we can look at improving another area.  (bala) but we have the equipment already paid for from Mappowder, its just labour time to erect the new cages.

We look forward to you giving us any photos or any  comments good or bad please let us know what you would like in the future we can then try to work on them for you

Membership note we allow 14 days from your  original date of  joining for you to renew, after that point you will have to re-join and note the joining fee is £50.00 so please be aware of this. Ensure when renewing to send a copy of your current insurance in for our files.

Stalking we have a number of people who can train you so please ask if needed. On game please ask us we will arrange to give you training as needed one to one.,

Member’s comments, Paul Easter took advantage of our training and with Richard at Haverhill an experienced stalker took the below muntjac his first kills. ‘Bob thanks for the support and help’ most welcomed.


Letters for the Police Firearms departments:
We did 14 letters for members last season and apart from 1 person we got the required caliber wanted by the member.

Dog Training:
Ask for advice, again we can point you in the correct direction.

Work Party for Bala:
If you wish to help erect the new cages at Bala please contact us, also we need some barrel’s feeding at Calver Derbyshire on the duck ponds there for this coming season someone local we will put auto feeders on the barrels so a once a week visit is all that will be needed.

Walked up shoot dates for 2008/9:
We will issue dates in September, remember to book your dates in good time, they will be emailed to you or posted.