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Rifle Training – Hunting & Long Distance.


For many people picking up a rifle to go stalking live quarry, they may have been given a formal (DSC1, DMQ, etc.) or informal grounding in stalking, but limited shooting instruction. Others may have had none at all.  You may have shot for some time but got into bad habits and can’t hold a tight group, or a steady kneeling sight picture.

rifletraining_hunt_longdistance.jpgYou will be instructed in the prone, sitting, kneeling, standing (with and without stick and double sticks) and high seat shooting positions. We will also cover wind drift, and bullet drop, breathing, trigger control, stock weld , follow through, and shot placement. 

Our focus is on practical shooting for practical people:
Shooting exercises include working from sling and field carry conditions, finding shooting positions that work best for you and your rifle, and building speed and marksmanship under stress.

The primary purpose is to teach you how to shoot more accurately time and time again. The secondary purpose is to have a great, fun day, with like minded people, doing something you really enjoy. It’s a great way to spend the day…