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Steel Safari Hunting Challenge


Just how good a rifle shot do you want to be? This is Field Target Shooting for full bore Rifle Shooters!

If you really want to prepare for the hunt, or the shot of a lifetime you wont do it from a shooting bench, or prone at X hundred metres on a formal range.

steel_hunting_challenge.jpgWe are a private sporting facility, NOT a public range.

We offer a real education in practical rifle shooting. Infinitely variable ranges out to as far as you can shoot. A variety of targets from crows to large mammals in bullet proof steel. Instant shot recording by the spotter. Shooting from all practical position, up and down hill to 70 degrees of angle.

Its a 2-4 mile walk in challenging upland countryside. You have to find the targets, judge the range, dope the wind, find a suitable position and make the shot! Clients normally fire between 50 and 100 rounds a day.

Your instructor will advise, spot for you, push you and improve your shooting ability as you go along. Test and zero to all practical ranges, become a better, safer shot.
Try us for a day or book us for the weekend. shooting is always with a spotter, so one person or pairs up to a total of six people can book this great experience.

Prices vary:

  • £300 single person booking a full day. (£250 weekdays). Rifle and ammunition included 100rds.
  • £175 pp pd for 2-3 people. (£150 weekdays). Rifle and ammunition included 60rds
  • £145 pp pd for 4-6 people, (£125 weekdays). Rifle and ammunition included 60rds

Local accommodation available, as is fishing, clay shooting, game and rough shooting and all holiday activities. We are based in Southern Snowdonia and Mid West Wales, 4.5 hours drive from London.

Sites will vary according to weather, requirements and local conditions.

Certificate conditions will be checked and adhered to in all cases. To comply your condition should read something like authorised to zero on suitable land over which the holder has the permission to shoot.

Permission will be temporary and by the day, accompanied in all cases.