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Driven Shooting: A 3000 acre estate near Mold, North Wales.

Driven Shoots

Shoot Information: (NEW FOR 2007-8 season )  A  1-6 shoot not for the faint hearted 100-150 bird days they can put on 200 if asked the shoot is based on number of shots, you will see plenty of bird! knocking  them down is another matter.

The drives consist of the following:


Keepers drive: Open banked hill completely full of cover crop includes mustard etc  birds fly over guns at 40 yd’s plus into woodland behind.

Hill Sixty:  From woodland and with the option of a cover crop which lies left at the top of the wood. Later season push birds from this cover crop to the wood and then beat over guns as it says 60 its sure a high spot.

Pembed Uchaf:  An extreme drive from cover crop and a fir tree plantation with hardwood left of where guns are placed you have to be kidding not for the faint hearted gun. There is an option on direction depending on wind and where guns can be placed depending on skills.

All The Wood: Game bank with cover crop and plenty of height 50 yd birds the norm here and snap shooting between lanes in the trees provides for the most challenging of drives. Shoot owner Brian Hatton in photograph points to the snap shot drive all the wood.
Gorse Bank:  From cover crop and Gorse on a rounded steep bank again 50 plus yard birds. And is edged by fir trees running from the mountain top to the track.
Plas Yw:  A large area of cover crop on a bank summit gorse below this and a woodland in the gully behind the guns to the right so a joint effort pushing bids initially from cover crop onto woodland over guns and then an option of driving from the back wood  depends on wind on the day 50-60yd birds.

The Beeches: From cover crop behind tall 60 yd plus mature Beech trees, pushing birds over and onto a hard wood the guns situated in the middle here between both woods only for serious shots, fast high birds presented here, the option is to put guns at the bottom of this drive and push the back wood,  not quite so challenging but still 40 yd birds and very killable.

What species on land:

  • Pheasant.
  • Partridge.
  • Woodcock


  • All game bird October 1st February 1st

Weapons required:

  • Shotgun only

Location and how to get there:
Leave Mold on Ruthin Road pass Hendre village and find Royal Oak public house on left from here 1.1-1.3 miles you will see a left turn in front of a stand of woods at a sharp right bend start to indicate left past this junction and at the lodge house (next left) you will see the sign for the estate carry on up the drive turning rightish after passing pink house and into farm yard area its first right at the first building and park in the area provided.

Facilities on site:

  • Own vehicles required please.
  • Lodge for food and drinks pre and after shooting.
  • 9000 pheasant put to wood.

Guide Coaching:
Run By Brian Hatton and his head keeper beaters  supplied as part of package.


  • Hotels: Plenty of Hotels local to you we can book for you if required.
  • B&Bs: There are plenty of B&B’s present in the area.