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Rough Shooting: China Farm Lane, Greasby, Wirral, Cheshire.

Rough Shoots

Shoot: Rough Shoot with Pheasant, Partridge, Good wildfowl including Grey lag Geese and Pink foots over 275 acres.

A Flat open piece of land with ditches running throughout it stubble fields next door and maize here in summer we are putting cover crop on certain corners and set aside fields. Has all game species accept. Woodcock.

roughshoot_greasby_01.jpgPlenty of hedging and some cover in small tight lanes, be careful as it has a public footpath with access. The geese tend to flight over and eat grass on the land at times there is a large pond just on the far border near the council houses this contains plenty of wild duck and geese, you have to know where to stand and wait.  200 red leg partridge are going in every October at 12 weeks old, 200-300 ex-layer pheasants and 40 pairs of Grey Partridge for this season are in already. And I keep bins regularly fed.

What species on land:

  • Pheasant.
  • Partridge.
  • Pigeon.
  • Mallard.
  • Teal.
  • Shoveler Duck.
  • Curlew.
  • Snipe.
  • Grey-Lag Geese.
  • Pink-foot Geese.
  • Hare.
  • Rabbit.
  • Vermin.


  • Pheasant: October 1st – February 1st.
  • Partridge: September 1st – February 1st.
  • Pigeon: No closed season.
  • Mallard: (inland) September 1st – January 31st.
  • Snipe: October 1st –January 31st.
  • Woodcock: October 1st – January 31st.
  • Hare: No Season.
  • Rabbit: No Season.
  • Vermin: No Season.

Weapons required:
Shotgun only please.

How to get there:
Leave M53 at Moreton and Hoylake its junction exit 2 go to first roundabout and go straight over onto dual carriageway  come to pedestrian lights straight over come to traffic lights turn right and you will pass a pub called the Mill House on your left, there is a small shopping area here follow the new bypass to roundabout then straight over 500 yd’s you come to China Farm Lane you want the first farm on the left drive into yard and introduce yourself at the farm house, if know one in leave note through door, now go back onto main road turning right go to first X road and go straight over between sandstone houses come to metal gate and you will see abarn with sileage stacked up you may drive up the lane and park vehicle.

The boundary is the council houses to the road on your left  the top boundary is the 5th pylon on the stubble field for that field you will now see a large feed barrel 2 fields deeper to the lane use the small birket river /drain as the border from then on go two fields deep from the rough road on your right till the tip area and its one field deep. In doubt ask john to show you around ill try to get a map.

Guide coaching:
Go on your own steam but book with us first as we have limited guns and ensure you inform farmer and leave note John Holmes is the farmer telephone number 0151-625-8698. Sensible hours not after 8pm either please no Sunday calls.

Ask me I will advise.