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Background information: is a run by Bob Glynn who has many contacts and acts as an agent in the UK for many world hunting businesses, This particular outfit was established and registered in 1989. It has fully co-operated with Tanzania Government agencies, Tourism agents (local and international) and direct clients in managing and marketing of our operations.

Our traditional agents and clients who include professional hunters have been from Europe and South Africa. We have had very few American hunters from these sources hence our quest to draw the interest of agents from America for boosting our business. The head office of the company is located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Activities of the companyThe major activities include; organising and managing the business of hunting sportsmanship for trophies, photographic and bird watching safaris, and fishing trips in Zanzibar.

Company structureThe business is under the ownership and Directorship of three company executives. The directors possess a wealth of knowledge and experience of over 15 years in managing and organising hunting and other tourist operations. The team comprises the Executive Chairman, Managing |Director and General Manager. These happen to be the board of Directors of the company.

An accountant, an office administrator, operations manager and a Secretary at the head office support them.

Logistic support:
A team of about 83 field staff evenly distributed amongst its campsites supports the executives. They are responsible for the different aspects of fieldwork. They are highly

experienced, talented and they portrait a high level of hospitality and integrity all which are a prerequisite in the hunting and tourism business.

The company engages the service of 14 local professional whereby 9 are well recommended freelance professional hunters. They are well trained and have long experience in the hunting business of 12 years and more. They posses’ professional hunting licenses, which are normally issued after passing exams, set by the Wildlife Department by the Tanzanian Government. Their performance is also assessed and recommended by our clients after hunting expeditions to make sure they deliver acceptable and professional services in the hunting and tourism business.

Other staff in the camp areas includes; trophy specialists, field operation manager, skinners, campsite managers, security personal, drivers/mechanics, cooks, waiters, animal trackers, gun bearer and Wildlife Department (anti – poaching sector) game scout.


Located along the Ruvu River bordering the Selous Game Reserve. . It is more than 2,000-squired kilometres large.

An excellent general big area. Miombo Woodlands with large open areas. Gonabisi has large populations of elephant, Lion. Leopard, Buffalo, East African Greater Kudu, Sable, Hippo, Nyasa Wildebeest, Southern Bushbuck, Zebra, Bushpig, East African Bush Duiker, Common Waterbuck, Warthog, East African Eland Lichtenstein Hartebeest and many more.

Located in the Northern Selous Game Reserve adjacent to Ruvu River Area. It is more than 2,000-squired kilometres large.

Primarily an area for big Elephant. This block has been managed for quality Elephant hunting for the past few years. Miombo Woodlands with large open areas. Other abundant species include: Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Southern Impala, Greater Kudu, Common Reedbuck, East African Eland, Southern Bushbuck, Zebra, Hyena, East African Bush Duiker, Warthog, Bushpig and many more.


1.IRKISHIBOR OPEN AREA (Obtained form Traditional African Safaris Limited)
Located near Tarangire National Park in the heart of Masailand. It is more than 1,500-squired kilometres large.

This block is excellent for Lesser Kudu, Southern Gerenuk, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Fringe-eared Oryx, Grant Gazelle, East African Eland, Common Waterbuck, East African Impala, Ostrich, Steinbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Masai Bushbuck, Hyena, Kirks Dik-Dik, White Bearded Wildebeest, Zebra, East African Bush Duiker, Warthog and many more.

This area borders Lake Manyara National Park. It is more than 2,000-squired kilometres large.

Adjoining the Rift Valley and Lake Manyara National Park. An excellent area for: Southern Gerenuk, Lesser Kudu, Thompson and Grant Gazelle, Fringe-eared Oryx, Buffalo, Leopard, Steinbuck, East African Impala, Masai Bushbuck, Cokes Wildebeest, Klipspringer, Bohor Reedbuck, Ostrich, Kirks Dik-Dik, East African Eland, Common Waterbuck, White-bearded Wildebeest, Hyena, Zebra, Warthog

Bush pig and many more.

Hunting season:
Our hunting season is between 1st July and 31st December of each year.

Services provided:
Some of the key services include; customs procedures for clearing clients firearms at the arrival and departure; field preparation of campsite hunting staff, 4 X 4 vehicles, professional hunters, etc. other services are; trophy dipping, crating, handling and shipping.

Traditional East African tented camp:

Large canvas tents, with zipped front and back, containing 2 single beds, laundry bin etc. At the back of each tent is a separate bathroom with flushing toilet and shower which is

supplied by a tank of water, filled with hot water just before dawn and also as hunters arrive back in camp in the evenings.

There is also either a wash hand basin in the bathroom and/or another in front of the tent. These bathrooms are either part of the tent and have canvas walls, or more often have walls made of woven grass mats. The tents are insect proof and have nets.

Each tent and of course, the dining areas etc are also provided with electric light and power sockets, however these run on a generator, which is switched off at night.

We have a fleet of well-maintained and serviced 4X4 vehicles able to overcome the difficult terrains.

Radio communication between campsites and head office are done on a daily basis during the hunting season. Radio communication between camps and vehicles is done to keep maintain safety procedures at all times.

Air travel:
Charter flights are available upon advance booking to secure missions to the prospective hunting area(s). Emergency flights are available in case of any problems.

Type of firearm required:
Three firearms (3) are allowed per hunting client. For each rifle, 100 rounds of ammunition may be imported. High quality solids and soft are strongly recommended such as Swift. Trophy bonded, A-square, Barnes, and Nosler.

  • .458 and .416 Rigby mainly for hunting dangerous game.
  • .375 Holland & Holland Magnum for hunting dangerous game as well as other big game in the bush.
  • 7 mm and .300 Winchester Magnum for hunting the larger plains game.
  • .308 Winchester for hunting plains game and smaller game in the bush.
  • Shotguns

Company rifles may also be hired at $150 per week, ammunition will be charged at cost in Tanzania.

Handguns pistol and revolvers are not allowed in hunting or photo safaris tour. A good ammo belt is recommended.

We cater different type of food whereby our cooks have a good record. Fine dining is included in the safari, and the cooks cater to all tastes, using fresh and canned foods to provide gourmet meals to the highest of standards.

Tanzania requires that you have a valid yellow fever inoculation certificate to be shown upon arrival. We also recommend that the client check with their local physician for the appropriate Malaria prophylactics.

Packing List Guidelines:
Good hat, sunglasses, 4 pair’s green/tan trousers or shorts, Sunscreen lotion, 1 light sweater/jacket, 4 pairs of green/tan shirts, 2 pairs comfortable walking shoes, binoculars, and camera equipment.

Extra batteries, ammunition belt, Pocket knife, flashlight, malaria prophylactics, 2 pair of clothes for camp wear, and reading material.

Gloves may be needed in the morning and evening, insect repellent, personal toilet articles and any personal medications.

Hunting Principals:

  • Support fair chase hunting, and honour the hunters code of ethics.
  • Never shoot from a vehicle, never shoot an animal at a water hole and never take a risky shot.
  • Respect the animals you hunt, appreciate nature and take care of the habitat that host your trophies.
  • Ensure that every hunt is a consumptive hunt.
  • Provide an impeccable service and take excellent care of the hunting client, for the hunter is the future of our nature.

RECALL: HUNTING SEASON 1st July – 31st December 2007



21 days Big Game Safaris:


    BASIS CONSERVATION FEES: 100X21: 2,100.00
    HUNTING PERMIT: 600.00
    DAILY RATE: 1,250 X 21: 26,250.00
    TOTAL: 28,950.00
    BASIS CONSERVATION FEES: 100X21: 2,100.00
    HUNTING PERMIT: 600.00
    DAILY RATE: 1,050 X 21: 22,050.00
    TOTAL: 24,750.00

Other expenses

  • Trophy handling dipping and crating for 21 days hunts US$ 1,200.00.
  • Trophy handling for elephant hunts: US$ 2,000.00.
  • Government trophy-handling fee: US$ 300.00 (21 days).
  • Community Development 10% for every animal taken or wounded.
  • Firearm import license fee US$ 200.00 per firearm (+ customs duty on each catridge) per hunter.
  • Trophy fees for all animal species taken and wounded.

Masailand hunts.


  • 10 -14 DAYS CAT. 1: US$ 15,400.00 per client
  • 21 DAYS CAT. 2: US$ 26,250.00 per client

For the CAT. 1
It is only between 10 – 14 days hunt should be obliged the client gets all 21 days plains game species including Thomson Gazelle, Grant Gazelle and two of either of the following three main species, Gerenuk, Oryx or Lesser Kudu. This does not include CATS (Lion and Leopard). If any Cats and the third key specie are obtained the client pays for the full 21 days daily rate.

For CAT. 2
It is a full 21 days hunt, which includes all species and the client stays up to 21 days as they wish.

Other expenses

  • Hunting permit for 21 days (US$ 600.00)
  • Conservation fees 21 days (2,100.00)
  • Trophy handling dipping and crating for 21 days hunts US$ 1,200.00.
  • Government trophy handling fee: US$ 300.00 (21 days).
  • Community Development 10% for every animal taken or wounded.
  • Firearm import license fee US$ 200.00 per firearm per hunter.
  • Trophy fees for all animal species taken and wounded.

For combination hunts in the Selous and Masailand the prices will change.
These combination hunts take place due to the consideration of getting a buffalo in Masailand is low because their population is reducing. Otherwise, our Quota has an abundance of buffalo to be hunted and other plain game including Thomson gazelle and Grant gazelle.


7 DAYS package:

3 days in Masailand and 4 days in the Selous. 

  • 1 X 1: US$ 9,900.00 per client
  • 2 X 1: US$ 8,600.00 per client

If the client is willing to stay for 10 days then an additional price of US$ 950.00 X 3days = US$ 2,850.00.

The 7 days package includes:

  • 1 Grant Gazelle.
  • 1 Thomson gazelle.
  • 1 Buffalo in the Selous.
  • Government fees (Conservation Fees, Hunting Permit and Trophy Handling).
  • One gun import license for each client.

The 7 days package excludes:

  • Extra 7-day animal species (Zebra, 2 Wildebeest, Impala, 2nd Buffalo, hartebeest and Warthog).
  • Community Development 10% for each animal specie hunted or wounded.
  • Trophy handling, dipping and crating US$ 900.00.
  • Extra firearm will be charged at US$ 200.00.
  • Commercial flight Arusha – Dar US$ 210.00
  • Charter flight(s)Dar – Selous US$ 1,300.00 return.
  • Road transfers US$ 400.00 return.
  • Trophy fees for extra animal species shot.

So this is how it may plan out:

  • Day 1: Arrival in Arusha in the evening with KLM spend a night in Arusha at the hotel.
  • Day 2: Transfer to Masailand and commence their hunt in the morning for Thomson’s, Grant’s Gazelle and other Northern 7 days species on their hunting permits.
  • Day 3: Hunt for Thomson’s, Grant’s Gazelle and other Northern 7 days species on their hunting permits.
  • Day 4: Hunt for Thomson’s, Grant’s Gazelle and other Northern 7 days species on their hunting permits.
  • Day 5: Transfer to Arusha at 07.00hrs have breakfast in a hotel then go to the airport or have breakfast in the camp then leave at 08.30hrs, departure with commercial flight at 12.15hrs arrive in Dar Es Salaam at 14.20hrs and connect with charter flight to the Selous and spend a night.
  • Day 6: Hunt in Selous.
  • Day 7: Hunt in Selous.
  • Day 8: Hunt in Selous.
  • Day 9: Charter flight to Dar es Salaam in the morning 11.00hrs refreshes and has dinner at the hotel, buy souvenirs and fly home in the evening with KLM.

21 DAYS package:10 days in the Masailand and 11 days in the Selous. All animal species available.

CAT .3 1 X 1 US$ 33,750.00 per client.

For CAT. 3 it is a full 21 days hunt, which includes all species both from Masailand and Selous for additional days please make an inquiry.

Other expenses on the CAT.3

  • Hunting permit for 21 days US$ 600.00
  • Conservation fees 21 days 2,100.00
  • Trophy handling dipping and crating for 21 days hunts US$ 1,200.00.
  • Trophy handling for elephant hunts: US$ 2,000.00.
  • Government trophy handling fee: US$ 300.00.
  • Community Development 10% for every animal taken or wounded.
  • Firearm import license fee US$ 200.00 per firearm per hunter.
  • Trophy fees for all animal species taken and wounded.

The time for transferring the clients is as follows:
(KIA – Kilimanjaro International Airport)

KIA – Arusha it takes = 1 hrs drive

Arusha – Hunting area = a maximum of 2 hrs drive

This is how the itinerary usually plans for the clients. It works brilliantly whereby the clients will have to spend the night in Arusha because travelling to the campsite at night is not advisable. They can leave for the camp very early mornings at 05.00hrs, arrive at campsite 07.00hrs whereby they can start their hunt.

At the same time, observers usually take three days tour in Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park. 

Special Buffalo package in the Selous.
We have special buffalo package safaris deals for 7 days hunt. It is US$ 8,800.00 per hunter based on 1 x 1. On the basis of 2 x 1, 4 X 2 and 6 X 3 we charge US$ 7,700.00 per hunter.

Extra animal species available for them to hunt during the buffalo package in the Selous are:

  • Warthog: US$ 400.00
  • 2nd Buffalo: US$ 900.00
  • Hartebeest: US$ 465.00
  • Impala: US$ 300.00
  • Wildebeest: US$ 400.00@ TWO ALLOWED
  • Zebra: US$ 740.00
  • Several birds (Ducks, Doves, Francolin, G. Fowls, and Geese) at the rate of US$ 50.00 and they can get five (5) of each bird.

If the client is willing to stay for 10 days then an additional price of US$ 950.00 X 3days = US$ 2,850.00 per client.

The package includes:

  • One firearm Import license for each hunter.
  • One buffalo only.
  • All government fees.
  • Facilities at the camp.
  • Professional hunter.
  • Hunting 4X4 vehicle.

The package excludes:

  • Additional animals if required.
  • Community Development 10% for each animal hunted or wounded,
  • Trophy handling, dipping and crating US$ 900.00.
  • Air charter
  • Extra firearms, more than one, which will be charged at US$ 200.00 per firearm.

Observer (Non – hunters)
Observer fees will be charges at US$ 250.00 per day per observer, which includes US$ 50.00 Government observer fee.

Road transfer in Arusha region:

  • US$ 700.00 return Arusha – camp – Arusha (Irkirshibor)
  • US$ 400.00 return Arusha – camp – Arusha (Mto wa Mbu)
  • US$ 550.00 return KIA – Arusha – camp – KIA (MTO WA MBU)

Below is the chart that shows the prices of trophy fees that we charge.



Species No. Allowed US $ Selous/Masailand
1st Buffalo   1   750   S/M
2nd Buffalo   1   900   S/M
Wildebeest   2   400 each   S/M
Impala   1   300   S/M
Grant’s Gazelle   1   275   M
Thompson’s Gazelle   1   240   M
Warthog   1   400   S/M
Zebra   1   740   S/M


Species No. Allowed US $ Seleous/Masailand Duration
Elephant 1 5000 S 21- 28 days
Eland 1 1050 S/M 21 – 28 days
Lion 1 2500 S/M 21- 28 days
Leopard 1 2500 S/M 21 – 28 days
Porcupine 2 85 each S/M 21 –28 days
Hippopotamus 1 1050 S 21 –28 days
Greater Kudu 1 1465 S/M 21 – 28 days
Lesser Kudu 1 1625 M 21 – 28 days
Klipspringer 1 900 M 21 – 28 days
Gerenuk 1 1625 M 21 – 28 days
Ostrich 1 890 M 21 – 28 days
Sable 1 1500 S 21 – 28 days
1st Buffalo 1 750 S/M 7 – 14 –16 -21days
2nd Buffalo 1 900 S/M 7 – 14 – 16 -21 days
3rd Buffalo 1 1050 S/M 16 –21days
Baboon 3 110 each S/M 14 – 16 – 21 days
Bushbuck 1 425 S/M 14 – 16 – 21 days
Bushpig 1 240 S/M 14 – 16 – 21 days
Crocodile 1 1050 S 14 – 16 – 21 days
Dik-dik 1 205 M 14 – 16 – 21 days
Duiker 1 220 S 14 – 16 – 21 days
Grant’s Gazelle 2 275 each M 7–14–16–21(2) days
Thompson’s Gazelle 2 240 each M 7–14–16–21(2) days
Hartebeest 2 465 each S/M 7–14–16–21(2) days
Hyena – spotted 1 230 S/M 14 – 16 – 21 days
Impala 2 300 each S/M 7–14–16(2)–21(2)
Oryx – fringe eared 1 1090 M 21 – 28 days
Reedbuck – bohor 2 365each S/M 14–16–21(2) days
Suni 1   M 14 – 16 – 21 days
Wildebeest 2 400 each S/M 7–14–16–21 days
Waterbuck – common & Defassa 2 550 each S/M 14–16–21(2) days
Zebra- Burchell’s 2 740 each S/M 14–16–21(2) days
Jackal – silverbacked 1 145 S/M 14–16–21 days
Civet 1 340 S/M 14–16–21 days
Genet Cat 1 220 S/M 21 – 28 days
Serval Cat 1 225 S 14–16–21 days
Wild Cat 1 180 S/M 16–21 days
Warthog 2 400 each S/M 7–14–16(2)–21(2)
Zorilla 1 1120 S 14–16–21 days

The above-mentioned daily rates include the 10% commission for you (as an agent).

On the package hunts, you will have to add your own marketing price on top of the prices we have quoted because it contains Government fees and other charges.

The rates include:

  • All accommodation, food & soft drinks, include catering, camp and laundry staff services.
  • All hunting staff including hunting 4X4 vehicles, Professional Hunter(s), tracker(s), skinner(s) etc
  • All field preparation of hunting trophies, dipping & packing and delivery of such to shipping agent in Dar Es Salaam
  • All permits and licenses supervised and collected by us.
  • Company personnel to meet client(s) Dar Es Salaam/Kilimanjaro Airport and facilitate customs procedures especially regarding import/export of rifle and ammunition at start and finish of hunt.

The rates exclude

  • Imported and domestic alcoholic beverages available at camp, if the clients requires (Special brand of whisky, clients may specify and it will be organized prior arrival).
  • Air freights costs of exporting trophies from Tanzania to final destination.
  • Tanzania Government fees, trophy/game fees, charter flights, firearm permits, and community development 10% of the total trophy fees whether the animal has been wounded or taken.
  • Hotel expenses.
  • Gratuities or tips to staff.


  • A deposit of 50% of the total daily rate is required to confirm bookings.
  • No refund of deposit can be remitted if client cancels safari within 1 months of contracted starting date, unless the safari can be rebooked for a later date or the following year.
  • Trophy charges are applicable only to animals actually bagged or wounded and lost.
  • The balance of payment should be paid latest 30 days before client arrives.
  • All payment must be made in cash or traveller cheques or by telegraphic transfer. Personal cheques will not be accepted.
  • Very important note that, all trophy fees have got to be paid at our Head office before the client leaves the country or just after the hunt.

We hope that the information we are providing you is adequate. Hope to hear from you soon.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact.