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Llangollen at Garth-y-dwr farm
Walked up day dates 2 new cages are in at great time and expense 2000 pheasant and 750 duck down partridge ex layers 200,  dates are on last page valley shoot  re-knowned high bird driven shoot a few miles south of ruthin – we have walked up shoot on boundary areas.
Meet at the café at Rhug estate  of the left hand road side of the A5 just a mile past Corwen towards Betws-y-Coed for  8.30am  its over a huge area of 5000 acres with an expected mix bag of 25-30 birds we have two guns only on this shoot  there are 6 guns in total. Dates are  on last page. Andy Hilton runs the shoot on the day.

Walked up shoot at Presteigne at Powys.
Please phone me first if you want to book this as a day out, Phil Garrod is the keeper here and we have retained the stalking rights and a smaller area this year for rough shooting but a much improved shoot as Phil has put 8000 bird to wood and 2000 partridge down as well the arrangement is simple we have paid for 5 birds per visit per gun after the 5 it is up to you to pay Phil £15.00 a bird this includes woodcock and duck. We were lucky to retain this as the farmer did want to have it returned as a driven shoot only, a bit of compromise and cash sorted the situation out. I would like to have 3-4 walked up days here but there is a low cost per bird of £15.00 so if I book 3 days say for 8 guns (I will book more if demand is there). We will pay £200 towards the day from the club, if any more birds are shot and you want to carry on the cost has to be shared at the end of the day but you will agree a low cost shoot subsidized by the HO.


Bala walked up rough unaccompanied at Gelli Grin
750 ex-layers are being put down and 150 duck on pond but I’ve shot some good woodcock and duck here the Fallow deer here are a dark colour and generally can be seen early am at the woodland edge at the top of our land here offers safe shooting as well. Good snipe. Barrels are p-laced in various areas and fed weekly we should have a breeding population from next season with 500 hens to 250 cocks.

Ashford Kent.
A new 300 acre addition which is most welcome we have 1 gun on this shoot and the arrangement is when you book it give 72 hours notice to me I will send a permit via post and a sae, please post and return after you have finished your day phone me and let me know you have posted permit back.

Quina Brook Shropshire
We placed barrels down on this shoot for the early part of the season and we had some wonderful flighting specifically teal, and every visit worked out at about 5-7 bird or Hare and we had 3 Hare in one session, woodies here from the maize were great and best day we had 79 in 2 hours on a non – strategic decoy basis using the dead birds as decoys. plenty of Rabbit activity on the ground here

Pulham rough shoot  in Dorset
Has been poorly visited this year and had it not been for the deer stalkers financial input here I would have to consider differing contract with the farmer, I have met with Graham Hosie and asked him to consider more cover crop strips as it has a lot of bird on it, we also need to have volunteers to fill the feed barrels as I live in the Wirral I do the local shoots, I have Albert who may do this task for me in Dorset, average bags 2-3 pheasant or partridge plenty of duck on the river 1-2 a visit, most success has been where the gun has a dog! Plenty of roe still abounds here.

Llanelhearn Llyn Peninsula 570 acres and second area of 113 acres nearby
Good snipe top Hare and plenty of pheasant from next door!! Woodcock shot each year here, and the ground can be deceptively productive, had a reasonable visit ratio. Feed barrels being put down 100 litre ones and I’m leaving 10 bags of wheat on farm please fill barrel after you shoot it before you leave.

Foston Leicstershirse 750 acres
Plenty of visits and a top woodpigeon area we have obviously got to be at the beck and call of what cover crop goes down but it is arable and suits game birds and pigeon, did consistently well. I have sent letter this week for retention of land we should have it again. No dogs please here

Bala  2
This is a nice little shoot mixed bag on the day 177 acres area shoot has potential but needs a couple of feeders in a gully area which will attract pheasant from near bye shoots.

Llyn Bwlch
Plenty of duck shot over the season currently has Canada geese breeding there, very hard to shoot you need to know the lake to take advantage, snipe and Hare on the wetland behind the lake towards the secondary small pond.

Burton Mere Geese and duck flighting
Was well used last season and provided some spectacular shooting as geese flighted to the stubble fields we have another area where we can decoy on plus I have purchased to electronic callers for use here I will normally meet with any members you can bring guests members are £35.00 a session and non-members are £75 we can arrange a rough shoot in the afternoon members free guests at £30,00

China Plate Farm Wirral Cheshire
Been great all past season if moderately successful on the geese side, pigeon good hare excellent snipe great woodcock 2 shot and many red legged partridge shot there are grey partridge here as well but I’ve only seen them not been close enough duck are plentiful as plenty of water around in winter and pheasant are wild here I did put down 200 partridge last year and 200 ex layer pheasant as well and the shoot has improved overall from the investment there are feeders to encourage the birds to visit our section of land here , no one else shoots in this area,

Nebo N. Wales
We dropped this as a contract but retained a relationship with the farmer as a pay and go operation and it had a few visits, its just to high up and bird are here but far and few. Hare good here and rabbit holes in the gorse are plentiful But I don’t always see that many on the ground due to time of day. Dropped

Berwyn Mountains –Grouse
2000 acres of Grouse moor new for the coming season 2007 4 days only to be shot dates will be made available we need to raise £200 between 8 guns for the days out £22.50 really not a bad deal and it has good grouse and black cock are not to be shot they are protected by the CCW here.

LLanfihangel th on the old Ruthin road at Deewydd farm – N.Wales.
We have taken over 5 flight ponds at each of these areas respectively the Bala one is for rough shoot purposes I’m putting a 500 mallard there, and feeding them on auto feeders of the lake the other is for organized days maps ready soon. An old 4 wheel vehicle is left here to aid feeding needs.

Maiden Newton Dorset New stalk and new rough shoot. And Stalk
A new rough shoot of 880 acres in a remote valley has snipe bogs and lots of birds I meet owner 27th of June 2007 but he has agreed to let it to me.

Thornton Farm  Hinton St Mary Dorset, and `Lushes’ Farm next door

A new deer stalk and summer rough shoot only, I have added the deer stalking we have now and other exciting progressions to the rear of the newsletter so read that for further details, I have already discussed taking over Lushes farm 270 acres opposite Thornton farm and the next farm to lushes which is 350 acres, they have verbally agreed and this will be a visit to firm up in July both Farm’s  and  hopefully we will get the rough shooting here Thornton Farm has provided a number of roe of the land to-date.                                           

Derbyshire at Calver in the Derbyshire peak district
A lovely piece of 800 acres rough shooting and stalking some reds and fallow present, 3 duck ponds  for evening flightimh and there are feed barrels still in place, intention for next season if I can get a volunteer is to put 500 ex-layers down to supplement an already healthy population of pheasants


We will retain what we have and are looking for two new areas see the attached list, but I am still trying to get land in Cumbria and in Scotland, along with Oxfordshire Wiltshire and Kent.

Maiden Newton new stalk. 880 acres  (Terms agreed )
Agreed on the 19th June a new stalk at Maiden Newton over 880 acres stuffed with Fallow and roe deer and we have the rough shoot rights on the farm will be viewing before 5th July and addition of info to the files will be added the terms were agreed on the 20th of June  I am viewing on Wednesday 27th June and finalizing contract arrangement (unaccompanied stalking).

Wigtown Scottish Borders near Newton Stewart
Roe deer are free in membership and red deer here are 1 free stag or hind, thereafter stag or hind £100 outing fee and £100 for carcass, roe deer free in membership you pay fee top keeper we reimburse details again are on the CD disc if you want to look at the site please email me and I will send files.

Stalking at Tunbridge Wells

Mappowder Laurence Farm.

Pulham north Dairy Farm.

Bagber Farm Bagber

All above 4 stalks retained and have produced steadily all season

Maccelsfield in Cheshire
We have some decent rough shooting on this land which is mixture of moorland wetlands and woodlands its accompanied and the guy gets £25 for his services on the day, great Hare good wild pheasant and we have shot snipe woodcock and partridge here plenty of rabbit we had this as a Red deer stalk but the guy has had his license adjusted by the police and people have to be named on his license to stalk, he did not like the idea of this so its still in the air.

Fallow and Muntjac in Suffolk Haverhill region
A new addition while on a fishing trip to Scotland last week the party I was coaching have there own syndicate shoot and on the shoot are a number of high seats Richard and I discussed a deal for our members which will be free within the membership only down side is he will accompany you to the high seat and leave you there, if you need instruction well this can also be arranged. Details are that the carcass Fallow is split between you and the farmer Muntjac same arrangement, there are roe but not prolific. The details will be on your CD. Or if you book I will send details through to you. This has shot well and a few member visits.

Roe Red and Sika on 100,000 acres covering land in Fife, Angus, Aberdeen-shire Central and North East Scotland.
Quite a scoop downside its partly accompanied, the deal is a flat rate £85.00 for morning and evening stalk in one day you are limited to 10 visits per season @ £50% our cost and after this a £85.00 per visit deal will apply, not only that you can keep any heads at no extra cost, you can take the venison at no extra cost, what you do is pay Mr Robb £85 per day and claim back 50% from head office for 10 visits only, but you can go as many times as you like in real terms I’m sure another great deal.

Roe Deer stalking in Angus Fife  (Under offer)
A probable new piece of land the farmer has terrible roe problems and we are currently negotiating lease and should know by July 2007, plus the rough shooting on the land will be ours as well 1000 acres. This unaccompanied.

This is just some of what we offer and for a small fee in real terms it’s great value for money I’m sure you will agree.

New up dated web site
`E commerce shop site is being built on the new web site  you will be able to get 25% discount on a wide range of items. Additionally we  will have a members area, you will be able to access it when we give your id and password the contents will be ordnance survey quality maps with boundaries clearly shown and all the information files you currently receive on the CD so if you lose information its easy to get it again. News letter section, `And many over seas hunts will be within the world hunting section. We are working on new video clips as well I will inform you all when available to view. The suppliers will be ‘Lacrosse ‘ for footwear, L.R.Active Ltd a mixture of clothing and callers,  X3M1, clothing and binoculars, scopes, tripods high seats, knives, and a sprinkling of other items plus serious camouflaged clothing range, plus Innotek training items for dogs.

A black powder day 2007/8
One of the members has approached me to see if anyone would be interested in having a go at a black powder shotgun he has a few available and we could make a day of it if you could let me know asp I will collate names and fix a day up for us.


Just remember that this is an end of season letter so its just a taster of what happened during the season A pre season letter will be made available with shoot dates, here are few scenes. The full photo album you will receive as a hard copy before June on the 2nd version of this letter. It’s just to big a file to download other wise and I’ve to process the rest of the photos from my phone.

Thanks for your support for the past season thanks Jerry Tim and Albert for digging out when we needed help. And thanks for all your financial contributions, I’m still skint but I enjoy it really.



Some bucks shot recently at Pulham Stalk Dorset.


Dates for walked up shoots  2007 /2008 season

Llangollen (all  Saturdays) 10 guns max.
10th November 2007
1st December 2007
15th December 2007
29th December 2007
19th December 2007
26th December 2007 

Alwen Valley  (all Thursdays) 2 guns max.
11th October 2007
25th October 2007
8th November 2007
22nd November 2007
6th December 2007
21st December 2007
3rd January 2008
17th January 2008
31st January 2008

Presteigne (Any day as long as keeper can fit you in accept Sundays of course)  4 guns max.
You can book directly here with the game keeper and it’s a high quality small walked up shoot we have absorbed costs of birds if you shoot over 5 birds per gun you pay £15.00 to the keeper on the day, 8000 pheasant and 2000 partridge have been put down here for driven days (which we don’t own), I also want names for 3-4 ,30-40 walked up bird days  and then I will agree dates and send deposit with the keeper we will pay £200 towards the day and it must be 5-8 guns to make it viable Ring me and let me know  preferable you email please I am inundated at present.