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Roe & Red Stalking Block over 100,000 acres of land in Central & North East Scotland in Fife, Angus, Aberdeenshire.

Deer Stalking

Stalk for roe predominantly some red in region, this is in open farmland and wooded areas and over a variety of cover crops the packages are designed to make this an affordable experience and is for the use of our members and general public. So pricing is geared to two different levels you will see details on costs at last page.

stalking_angusfife_01.jpgWhat species on land:

  • Pheasant.
  • Pigeon.
  • Partridge.
  • Roe Deer.
  • Hare.
  • Rabbit.


  • Roe Deer & Doe: Nov 1st – Feb 28th/ Bucks: Apr 1st – Oct 31st.
  • Pheasant: October 1st – February 1st.
  • Partridge: September 1st – February 1st.
  • Pigeon: No closed season.
  • Mallard: inland September 1st – January 31st.
  • Snipe: October 1st – January 31st.
  • Woodcock: October 1st – January 31st.

Weapons required:
Suitable .243 rifle for stalking Roe deer.

How to get there:
An itinerary will be sent with all details and directions by the guide and location to meet at.

Guide coaching:
Lee Robb: Book through 0702-111 4746 for itineraries.
Non-Member Package:

  • Roe Deer:
    £120 per day x 2 outings.
    + £85.00 per buck.
    + £45.00 for any other buck thereafter.
    Does at £25.
  • Red Deer:
    £120 per day.
    Stag: £1-350.00
    + second stag £200 flat fee.
    Hind: £65.00

No points fees applicable for roe deer.

Syndicate Member Package:
The deal is a flat rate £85.00 for morning and evening stalk in one day you are limited to 10 visits per season @ £50% our cost and after this a £85.00 per visit deal will apply, not only that you can keep any heads at no extra cost, you can take the venison at no extra cost, what you do is pay Mr Robb £85 per day and claim back 50% from head office for 10 visits only, but you can go as many times as you like in real terms I’m sure another great deal.

Includes red deer cost as well.