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UK & Overseas Wide Sporting Estate Consultancy Services.


Mark Offley is’s in house consultant in all aspects of sporting estates requirements for shooting and Habitat Management.

Over 25 years he has developed and worked on premier shoots both in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America, having had hands on experience with Woodland management, sighting ponds and game crops, game management and predator control, and much more.

consultancy_01.jpgHands on experience means usable knowledge that will put more quality birds in the bag, improve habitat, the ability to start a successful programme from scratch or revitalising a past successful operation are some of the benefits which will be derived from investing in the future of your shoot.

The Consultancy Programme:
A typical example of our help strategy and is to find out what you need to ensure long term beneficial programme, how much you may need to invest in this development, or perhaps you may think your shoot could be more profitable or simply cost less to manage. Marks vast experience in managing all aspects of shoots and estates can be used to target areas where money could be saved. As an example ‘Lets take a look at selling more shoot days if applicable, or making them more profitable.

We will examine and look at any expense categories to find savings. But not at the expense of diluting quality, these are not in our game plan. A well-run shoot improves the value of the estate. On top of that we need to maintain and improve your shoots reputation. This begins with quality and being able to deliver consistently year in year out.

Competition has never been fiercer between estates and shoots; our goal is simply to ensure a high quality at a reflective cost, giving you an edge over competitors.

What do I do now about a meeting to discuss my estate or shoot?
If you have been thinking about what to do for your estate or shoot but did not know where to go for help, give us a call we will be able to discuss your particular situation in strict confidence, and see if any of our services will be of benefit. This is a wise investment in your future estate or shoot policy.

Services Offered:

  • Estate and Habitat Management: Game birds, Waterfowl, Deer, Clay.

Any UK or overseas location arranged by appointment.

Booking an appointment:
Please telephone us on 0702 111 4746 or email at initially and we will arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Cost and Duration.
This can be discussed at the meeting and is dependant on the work programme agreed by both parties.