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Fallow & Roe Stalk at Lower Kingsham, Presteigne.

Deer Stalking

Stalk of high quality with excellent woodland.

Roe present in decent numbers and the occasional Fallow, there are muntjac in the area we have found there tracks but have yet to spot one.

shootstalk_presteigne_01.jpgThis land is easily accessible from the Midlands or London and has interesting potential as a good rough shoot of roughly 300 acres, there is around 400 acres of woodland for stalking and is set in undulating countryside. There are rabbits and pigeons and good stocked pheasant, French partridge and grey partridge.

The Game keeper already has cover crops planted and feeders are placed strategically at different locations .

This is also a driven shoot so you must book with the Game keeper Philip Garrod to access the rough shooting block which is allocated to us. There is nothing to pay for this and you are limited to 3 pheasant per gun. If you want to shoot more birds you must tell the keeper and pay your own fee of £15.00 per bird picked. He will accompany you with his dog.

All shooting must be booked firstly at head office and with the keeper before confirming it back with HQ with the date you are going.

shootstalk_presteigne_02.jpgWhat species on land:

  • Roe Deer.
  • Fallow Deer.
  • Muntjac.


  • Roe Buck: April 1st-Oct 31st.
  • Roe doe: Nov 1st – Feb28th.
  • Fallow Buck: Aug 1st – Oct 31st.
  • Fallow Doe: Nov 1st – Feb 28th.
  • Muntjac: No season.

Weapons required:
.243 calibre rifle minimum for Roe.

Guide coaching:
Telephone to book HQ first, then Phil Garrod on telephone: 01544 –260391, or mobile 07974-577197.  Phil or his Keeper will advise stalk area but woodland in mapping generally stalk is located Past the pink farm house take the next right, before the red brick cottages. Once you turn in go immediately left, there is a green building where you may park and use the facilities.