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Wild Fowl Shooting at Loch Calder.

Wildfowl & Other

Wild Fowl Shooting: Extensive Loch with excellent water bird shooting.

The loch is generally it is worth employing the Ghillie for a day while up here. Shooting is from the small parcel of land and 2 hours is usual window with an easterly wind needed! setting decoys is optional.

wildfowl_lochcalder_01.jpgWe have other shooting locally but at a cost per flight of £50.00 and snipe and duck, booking required for shooting via Jim. You can hire a boat by contacting: Guide Jim Rosie on 01847-894676 boats or other shoots locally.

What species on water:

  • Grey Lag Goose.
  • Mallard.
  • Widgeon.
  • Golden eye.
  • Teal.
  • Canada Goose.
  • White fronted Goose (Protected).

All birds are take-able from: September 1st – January 31st.

Weapons required:
Shotgun only.

How to get there:
Go towards Thurso turn right onto B874 for Halkirk when in village last house turn left on single track to T junction turn right travel a few hundred yards finding council roadway which runs adjacent to small stream and go to gate with lock (lock may have been removed) park on this area without obstructing roadway. If you collect a boat the details above name and address will give you directions where to collect and park. We have a Key for Access send for 4 days prior to shooting.

Guide coaching:
Contact Mr Jim Rosie. 1 Carnaby Place, Thurso, Caithness.  Tel: 01847-894676. Mobile: 07796-521011.