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Walked Up Shoot/Potential Stalk near Bala at Gelli Grin.

Walked Up Shoots

Shoot: Walked up Shoot on hillside steep but productive snipe. 550 acres.

A hillside and some good woodland hard and deciduous trees cages and feeders down 300 pheasant are on the ground here we are using this as a walked up shoot and a semi-commercial walked up you can go on your own but don’t kill every pheasant limit is 3 per person per visit after this your on woodcock snipe and duck, wood pigeon. So exercise restrain please.

walkedup_bala_01.jpgWe have some Roe and Fallow  deer present in the woodlands as we do see regular tracks the land opposite is Tilhill forestry. And we are 10 miles from Dolgellau which has a known Fallow population these animals must have spread from this region over the years.

What species on land:

  • Pheasant.
  • Partridge.
  • Pigeon.
  • Mallard.
  • Snipe.
  • Deer (Roe).
  • Woodcock.
  • Hare.
  • Rabbit.
  • Vermin.


  • Pheasant: October 1st – February 1st.
  • Partridge: September 1st – February 1st.
  • Pigeon: No closed season.
  • Mallard: (inland) September 1st – January 31st.
  • Snipe: October 1st – January 31st.
  • Woodcock: October 1st – January 31st.
  • Hare: No Season.
  • Rabbit: No Season.
  • Vermin: No Season.

Weapons required:
Shotgun or suitable calibre rifle for deer and vermin.

How to get there:
Go through Bala and head for Rhos-y-gwaliau go right where road splits follow road to right and then 500 yds on bear left of road open gate and drive up track park here your OS map is well understood from here for border etc. Happy shooting.

Guide coaching:
Book on 0702-1114746.