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Walked Up Shooting at Quina Brook, Shropshire.

Rough Shoots

Shoot: Walked up Duck over 12 ponds and snipe drives plus good pheasant and Hare rabbit abound here and woodies. You must be accompanied by self or David Hitchmough We do charge £25.00 for an outing here for fuel costs etc and duck feed we put down for your benefit during the season. A quality duck shoot Teal and Mallard are plentiful due to our feeding regime here.

walkedupshoot_quinabrook_01.jpgWhat species on land:

  • Pheasant.
  • Partridge.
  • Pigeon.
  • Mallard.
  • Snipe.
  • Woodcock.
  • Hare.
  • Rabbit.
  • Vermin.


  • Pheasant: October 1st – February 1st.
  • Partridge: September 1st – February 1st.
  • Pigeon: No closed season.
  • Mallard: (inland) September 1st – January 31st.
  • Snipe: October 1st –January 31st.
  • Woodcock: October 1st – January 31st.
  • Hare: No Season.
  • Rabbit: No Season.
  • Vermin: No Season.

Weapons required:
Shotgun only please.

How to get there:
At Quina Brook go straight through see on map hall park in farm road area and wait till we arrive.

Guide coaching:
Bob Glynn or David Hitchmough. Book with Bob direct on 0702-1114746.