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Stalking for Red & Roe Deer, Wigtown.

Deer Stalking

Stalk: A nice open land and moorland region to stalk good stag and roe Derek Brown will accompany you on the outing’s.

Forest and open fields with hedge cover. You will need to be insured and give your experiences prior to visiting the stalk area. You will be allowed to take the animals Roe in membership cost. Red 1st Red stag or hind free there, after a £100 plus £100 for carcass.

stalk_wigtown_01.jpgThe deal is first outing we pay on the day if you want training or a further outing its your cost on the second session, training will consist of being able to zero the rifle on a target and hit it prior stalking outing.

Please book well in advance not to be disappointed.

What species on land:

  • Fallow Deer.
  • Roe.
  • Red.

Weapons required:

  • .270
  • .243

stalk_wigtown_02.jpgHow to get there:
Dumfries  – Castle Douglas –Wigtown meet at Bladnoch inn Bladnoch Southern Scotland

Guide coaching:
Derek Brown is your contact but: please contact 0702-1114746 to book in the first  and then 01988-402373 to confirm availability. Also take your BASC or other insurance with you as he may ask for it.

Please ask Derek for the accommodation details when you speak to him. Bladnoch inn does great food