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Stalking Block: Caplich Estate, Sutherland.

Deer Stalking

Stalk for Red Deer near Lairg in Sutherland at Oykel Bridge: A nice easy walking estate lands climbing to 1060 feet the cull here is 160 animals per season there is a guide and quad bike available if you want.

The first red deer is free within your membership then you must pay the going rate which is as follows Hinds £100 and Stags £150 and every other stag after that is £150 no points fees apply venison is yours.

Add £150 an outing. If you go on your own even if you are not successful a £150 fee will apply.

What ever way you look at it this is low cost stalking at today’s prices.

What species on land:

  • Red Deer.
  • Sika Deer.


  • Red Deer Stag: July 1st – Oct 20th.
  • Red Deer Hinds: Oct 21st – Feb 15th.
  • Sika Stags: July 1st – Oct 20th.
  • Sika Hinds: Oct21st – Feb 15th.

Weapons required:
Suitable .270, .308 etc rifle for stalking for Red deer.

How to get there:
A837 at Oykel Bridge map hard copy map attached in files;

Guide coaching:
Go on your own steam but book well in advance to ensure a place, book with us with us first as availability is limited guns and ensure you inform me within 48 hours you must phone Alan Wyatt on telephone number 01549 441356 we advise booking a year ahead to ensure you get your place.

The estate can put you up and can sleep 2-3 persons. DB&B is £35 a head.