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Hi shooters and stalkers, regarding the season past we have had some excellent results fro our walked up shoots with 47 being best day bag at Llangollen mixed duck and pheasant, and averaging 25 birds through the season all from 250 pheasant to wood, and 200 duck on the 3 ponds here, Mapowder produced a 25-28 bird day all through the season with the drives from cover crop being particularly good being a first year here we learned a lot about where the birds head for which no one can tell in any first year, both shoots were opened up in January for cleaning up cocks in the last two weeks. We have ordered 1200 pheasants for this coming season and at Llangollen the cages 2 and 3 (on top of the mountain) are being utilized this should bring the days up to 50 –70 bird days and Mapowder similarly this time a duck pond has been improved and is being cleaned out to facilitate a duck flight 200 duck being introduced An old Hard top non-mot’d petrol land rover has been purchased to allow the part time keeper to feed the bins with ease. Roe deer at both locations have had 30% fat around the kidneys which indicates healthy animals, we are well short of our anticipated cull figures but both Pulham and mapowder have had low density stalking Bagber down the road has had 3 visits nil kills as animals have not been in a position to take on safety basis, I am pleased to see the disciplines from our stalkers are adhered to with professionalism.

Wirral near Birkenhead/ Liverpool.
We have a new shoot on the Wirral which is being improved feed barrels are down already and 12 game strips are agreed we will put down 30 pairs of Grey partridge 200 red legs and 200 ex-layer pheasants are being filtered in and feeding now on the barrels there, add Canada Gees Grey Lags Pin Fronts, wild Mallard Teal from the small canal like rivers and ponds there and it’s a nice rounded shoot, we have good snipe in certain fields and for the pigeon shooter woodies will be present as usual especially when the cover crop grows in the summer 290 acres, rabbit and Hare present not in huge numbers though, lastly An old shogun has been purchased to ensure quick feeding on the barrels.


Quina Brook Shropshire
We placed barrels down on this shoot for the early part of the season and we have had some wonderful flighting specifically teal, and every visit worked out at about 5-7 bird or Hare and we had 3 in one session, woodies here from the maize were great and best day we had 79 in 2 hours on a non – strategic decoy basis using the dead birds as decoys. Plenty of Rabbit activity on the ground here

Presteigne at Powys
Well visited and average bags 3-4 pheasant on a wild basis, the deer stalking has produced Gary Owen shot 1 Fallow Pircket, other kills were 2 Roe bucks 1 pricket and 4 Roe does for the season with minimum visits Richard Green our resident visitor is leaving to live in Scotland we wish him well for the future. We have a new arrangement at Presteigne mainly due to the Landowner wishing it to become a driven shoot once again, but its no disaster and will lead to a higher density of pheasant and a better chance of bagging. The arrangement is the local keeper Phil Garrod is running the shoot, We have full stalking rights as normal, and also have been allocated a rough shoot area of 200-300 acres where you can still book and go limit is 3 pheasant a gun on the day. We pay for this internally; we will have 4-5 walked up 30 bird days for he who books first. The monies used for the lease have been utilized to give an improved rounded shoot where your expectation is high on coming home with some bird. A new telephone contact A4 sheet is prepared if you book and go ensure you email us I will download that A4 summary for you, you will need it to book with Phil Garrod, Phil is also looking for a further 300-400 acre rough shoot for us locally.

Pulham in Dorset
Has been poorly visited this year and had it not been for the deer stalkers financial input here I would have to consider differing contract with the farmer, I have met with Graham Hosie and asked him to consider more cover crop strips as it has a lot of bird on it, we also need to have volunteers to fill the feed barrels as I live in the Wirral I do the local shoots, I have Albert who may do this task for me in Dorset, average bags 2-3 pheasant or partridge plenty of duck on the river 1-2 a visit, most success has been where the gun has a dog!

Fishguard Pembrokeshire
We have 1 300 acre rough shoot here, and it has been visited 3 times, I only took the shoot on due to requests from members, we will retain it but hey guys get shooting on it if it gets the visits ill place barrels in and arrange for a feed regime to start and release some ex layers on the land and woodland here has good potential.

Trefor Llanelhearn Llyn Peninsula 570 acres
Good snipe top Hare and plenty of pheasant from next door!! Woodcock shot each year here, and the ground can be deceptively productive, had a reasonable visit ratio.

Plenty of visits and a top woodpigeon area we have obviously got to be at the beck and call of what cover crop goes down but it is arable and suits game birds and pigeon, did consistently well.

Bala 1 & 2
The big 550 area shoot has potential but needs ex-layers being put down but I’ve shot some good woodcock and duck here the Fallow deer here are a dark colour and generally can be seen early am at the woodland edge at the top of our land here offers safe shooting as well. Wild bird shoots only, good snip on both and Hare on the smaller acreage.

Llyn Bwlch
Plenty of duck shot over the season currently has Canada geese breeding there, very hard to shoot you need to know the lake to take advantage, snipe and Hare on the wetland behind the lake towards the secondary small pond.

We dropped this as a contract but retained a relationship with the farmer as a pay and go operation and it had a few visits, its just to high up and bird are here but far and few. Hare are excellent here and rabbit holes in the gorse are plentiful But I don’t always see that many on the ground due to time of day.

Berwyn Mountains –Grouse
2000 acres of Grouse moor new for the coming season 4 days only to be shot dates will be made available we need to raise £200 between 8 guns for the days out £22.50 really not a bad deal and it has good grouse and black cock.

Maccelsfeild Cheshire
We have a new area for rough shooting acreage being sorted by Patrick Kidd the Stalker for the members.

Other Rough shoots/wildfowling areas
I won’t go over old ground on the other shoots but we have had good visits to a lot of the other shoots with good kills.


We will retain what we have and are looking for two new areas, the Penrith deal has still not been put to bed, so I’m looking at the borders now, and have spoken with a number of owners best deal will be Moffat and Ayrshire, where we can have a low cost deal on each visit just wait for next news letter I should a reply and prices sorted out.

Red Deer in Cheshire
We have a new Red deer stalk near Maccelsfield Cheshire where we have purchased a cull figure of six stags six hinds and 2 calves. On my visit the first time we did see tracks we did see droppings we did get deer hair (red) and sometimes you wonder have I bought a monkey here, anyway I was invited to visit on the 4th of May as weather is now sensible and sure enough we found four separate herds, and I can assure you one of the stags was easily 550-599lbs he is in velvet but Patrick assures me he was 21 points last year and to boot I saw7 other massive stags all imperial animals and plenty of cull stags and hinds are here. Red And Roe Deer in Cornwall

Hopefully we should have our Red Deer Stalking sorted out for you lucky guys in Cornwall over 35,000 acres of farm and woodland by the end of May.

This is a cull operation in general and the rules will be as follows. For the sake of management, you (either 1-2 of you per farm) will be allocated 1-3 farms depending on acreage this will be your block a cull figure will be issued to you. No stag over 10 points unless you want to pay a small fee for the head then you need to contact Mr. Milne to ask permission and agree a cost Its won’t be expensive, also if you want meat (he makes the bulk of his living from this). You will be charged 70 a kilo, otherwise you will phone him to come and pick carcass up with the winch etc being available, there is a cold store nearby which he operates. Initially you will go accompanied for the first 2 visits to learn the lay of the land then afterwards your on your own, there are good roe deer and the same applies as red on meat cost heads are not important so you may take which animal you feel is correct to do so on your block. We do reserve the right though to sell large stags royals and imperials to visiting clients occasionally. A 27 point animal was shot here in 2004 and is the third largest stag to be shot in England /Wales in recent times. We have paid a fee to the stalker to ensure you have access, his main concern is that if members wandered willy-nilly to all the area someone would come a cropper upset a farmer and we lose the land. Hence the allocation of an area, we also will ask you to meet the farmer with the Mr. Milne so that you work on a good relationship with the farmer for his benefit and the syndicate’s benefit. To date as promised I am coming up with the goods for you all please use it. I will notify all stalkers when we have the deal signed (verbally agreed 8th may and hopefully in next 2 weeks we are operational. I will send an update and map of whole area ASAP, but its important as you will agree to go with the head stalker to see the land you will control A small fee of £50.00 per day will be payable to Mr. Milne for his days service showing you round cash preferable.

Wiltshire Stalking and rough shoot.

New stalk coming on line in March 17th at Cranbourne Chase in Wiltshire 600 acres good Fallow and Roe Deer and from May 2007 a rough/walked up shoot.


Just remember that this is an end of season letter so its just a taster of what happened during the season A pre season letter will be made available with shoot dates, here are few scenes. The full photo album you will receive as a hard copy before June on the 2nd version of this letter. It’s just to big a file to download other wise and I’ve to process the rest of the photos from my phone.

Thanks for your support for the past season thanks Jerry Tim and Albert for digging out when we needed help. And thanks for all your financial contributions, I’m still skint but I enjoy it really.

Wirral shoot in April released 200 ex layers and 50 red legs we got at good price.

Llangollen 2005 members days out in general we took 23-27 birds a session mid season this dropped to about 15-20 as the duck after wising up did the decent thing and buggered off! As they do, note my wee Springer she is totaled, I’ve a new guy just being trained called Esk a black Labrador that Ron Cottam kindly gave me for services provided. A new Springer money allowing will also back Jessie up in the lifting procedure, note 1200 birds going down this season 200 being duck and we are using all 3 cages this season.

The Glorious 12th members and friends invited for a days walked up Grouse lunch was served by Bob on the mountain, many found it hard going but overall we did the 800 acres in 5 hours all in. This year we have our own Grouse moor of 2000 acres in the Berwyn’s dates will be in next News letter but taking bookings for the 12th now 10 guns for the day donations of £20.00 welcomed per gun.


Tim at Mappowder and his dog Charlie, Tim runs the mappowder Walked up and mini driven days for the syndicate. Mapowder is a stalk and a driven shoot from 2006, 100 bird day.

Dave Roberts at Quina Brook Shropshire with some success.

Bob Glynn Jamie Lesuier, Tony, and John Roberts (farmer) at the Llanelhearn Shoot Llyn Penninsula.

A good day out at Quina brook for the Jersey boys Tony and Jamie, Bod and dave Hitchmough present.

Dave Edmmonds from Canada one of our overseas Long term members Dave had some good pigeon later in the day.

New structured Pond at Mappowder has been created for inclusion of 200 duck we have Maize cover crop being put around the pond, Graham House the farmer and fenced it of as well, Maize stands high as we cleared significant trees out , to ensure when the duck are flushed they get up in all directions giving an even chance to any gun, the Maize will allow us to get close £950.00 later!! It’s filled up nicely now and ready for the duck to go in, in July time.

Some Roe Bucks Shot at Pulham near Sherborne in April this year.