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Well the season has got of with a really busy period its nice to see use-age of all land filtering through at last, and we had a grouse day on the 12th and pinned 10 bird the landowner let us have the day as a thanks for work I have done on his lake over the season, we have put effort into placing barrels on some shoots and getting the farmer to fill the bins we need a volunteer to do this at Presteigne I’m happy to pay fuel and hourage £8.00 per hour for this service once a week in season. There are about a dozen barrels here, also during the summer we need a work party to clear out the pond in the centre of the land here in preparation for 50 duck being put down for next season. But all in all its been busy and thanks to Tim Hill and Jeremy Puzey for all the hard work at mapowder where the shoot days are getting a good response from members.

A few issues that need addressing for this coming year is a much better communication policy through the internet. Will be as follows but this also needs you to visit the site for news and updates.

  1. A bulletin board so if you want someone to accompany you leave a message on the board access via id no and a password.
  2. News letters will be on the site in future one per 2 months with dates of organized shoots.
  3. A mapping system is being purchased to enhance the current hard copy maps and bring them up to a modern standard for each shoot, you can access and download these maps via id and password.
  4. Booking system so you can see what’s free and available.

This will enhance the operation and allow swifter transfer of information.

We have replaced nearly all the dropped of members within 2 months and this allows us to progress.

Lost or dropped shoots
Trawesgoed, Nebo, Cwm Pennant Few visits, Nebo can be visited leave cheque for Alan Vaughan £25.00 a visit and claim back from us centrally for re-imbursement.

New Rough Shoots:
Ridger Farm at Greasby on the wirral it’s a 270 acre farm with hedges ponds and river ditches etc the farmer has agreed to put cover crop strips x 7 for next year and we will release partridge duck and pheasant to enhance the shoot here as its on my doorstep I will attend to this personally. Tyriet farm near Fishguard Pembrokeshire 200 acres and next door to this a 350 acre farm details on CD and maps on request.. Penrith 300 acre farm 200 bird to wood duck and woodcock snipe etc we have a trade of here on this land and it looks good details on request.

Walked up shoots: – They are being well visited and at Mappowder 25 bird on the day, at Llangollen on the 27th of October we had 31 bird al told some clipped but a great day out for me and 5 guns. Hawick dates booking well.

Stalking Blocks:
Penrith is also a stalk for roe deer details on request., we have had some excellent bucks shot on all our stalks over the season and the stalkers have shown great care in selecting the correct animals for culling, Lower Bagber hasonly been visited once ! Note I will be attempting to get a red deer stalk in Scotland for the coming year and wish to point out that this will be a priority quest so any of you hearing of land anywhere with reds on please let us know.

Wiltshire Swindon Area
We have an opportunity for next season which involves 2000 acres it is a driven shoot currently but may be let go and we can take over the shoot and run it as a driven and also allocate 500 acres for rough shooting only, ill keep you all posted on this.

Wild Fowling, new permit shoots extending your season
We have access to 33 new wild-fowling shoots on various estuaries throughout the country which extends your season by a month the cost per visit is between £5.00 – £20.00 and you MUST be a BASC member, you pay directly for the shoot and get a receipt send this to me and we will reimburse the cost directly back to you on 3-5 visits dependant on cost of permit only after this you must pay your dues directly yourself. I trust you will appreciate and support the initiative, be well mannered, safe, and courteous to members of these wild fowling associations

We need to consolidate on what we have for the 2005/6 season priority objective are:

  1. Place feeders in each pheasant shoot, 30% currently.
  2. Ensure they are fed on. 2.5 part time gamekeepers now doing this.
  3. Put down pheasant/partridge in most in house shoots where viable! Land type allows and holds Pheasant put to wood at Map powder, Presteigne, Llangollen, Bala, 50% achieved. And Llyn Bwlch has 120 mallard on the lake , llangollen has 250 duck on 3 separate ponds offering high duck.
  4. Ensure the quality of shoots is improved and maintained.
  5. Where we are allowed put in duck ponds and put mallard down in selected shoots for this coming year. 3 Duck ponds at Llangollen with river frontage, 2 new ponds one’s at Whitchurch and a new one at Hawick, we now have 4 guns on the Robertson shoot 30-bird day.
  6. Add 4 new shoots and 1 stalk for 2005/6 only. Subject to retention of membership being maintained. Making some shoots as a paying commercial venture covers member drop of and also covers costs in the set up stages, in two areas only. Note we have already achieved:- (3 already Penrith to get on board) and Penrith is a stalk as well so meeting target set.

Driven shoots
We have many driven shoots in our portfolio where I act as an agent, but they have a small discount applying saving averagely £2.00 a bird cost to members attending.

BASC insurance premiums for syndicate members
The response to this scheme was poor and I can’t actually believe you like to pay an extra £11.00 for your insurance! But I did my best to encourage members to sign up as a syndicate.

New Brochures
They have been adjusted to take into account land won and land we have let go

Walked up Day Dates Map Powder mixed day
October 27th, November 10th 17th 29th, December 10th 29th, January 9th 19th 26th (Thursdays), February 1st.

Walked up days Llangollen mixed day
October 28th, November 11th 19th 26th, December 9th 23rd 31st, January 6th 20th 27th, February 1st.

Walked up days Hawick mixed day
October 8th 22nd, November 5th 19th, December 3rd 17th 2nd 14th 28th, February 1st.

Note: that anything in bold is booked anything else have some guns on but generally enough for 4-5 guns

If you have not tried any of our shoots please try them; they are rewarding and fun.

Listing of wildfowling club shoots and there locations plus contact details.
Please ensure you are familiar with the respective rules and regulations of each of these wildfowling clubs we need to ensure good relationships with them at all times please report back to me and the club ‘contact’ let me know your bag for the day, note there may be restrictions on how many duck geese you may take and what and where you can shoot and can’t due to tides and weather severity.

How it works, you choose where you want to wildfowl we will pick up part of your cost on receipt of proof of payment we will reimburse you up to a maximum of £40.00 per season only. Unless stated otherwise.

Only members will have access to the details of each area and contact numbers.

On joining us a list will be supplied in your CD package of information or printed hard copy if you do not have a computer.

I am glad to see good use-age of the shoots this season please get out and enjoy yourselves.

Bob Glynn