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As you will guess we have come a long way down the road now, and I am getting a clearer picture of what is wanted within the membership, so I have increased access to specific organized days in various locations, where a 30-bird day happens. Map powder and Llangollen, Hawick, walked up organized We have however not lost much in the way of rough shoots but improved quality at Presteigne and Bala (new) we have put ex-layers down here as we have not got vermin control sorted as of yet here and the book as you go shoots, with the increased maintenance that walked up shots demand we have had help from members putting cages up repairing what is in existence and generally working towards a common goal which is still within the frame work of low cost shooting, we have 3 part time keepers who will look after birds on the ground, do maintenance, for us on a 2 day basis.

Vermin control on these areas has been intensified but as mentioned to late for 2 of the shoots till next season, and many fox have come to the bullet. At the end of the day I need to be able to cater for all types of member, and have done this I hope with minimum increases to membership fees and the only increase will be on the per bird cost at £12.00 on walked up day sites and its your choice to book the day or not, so you again then have the choice of how much you wish to spend on your shooting. On the stalking side prices have been increased due to demand I needed more investment into land for stalking, And we have increased stalk’s in line with investment, with 3 new areas making a PA cost of £750.00 this is due to limitation of how many stalkers we have and wish to keep, sensibly on stalking lands. We have the opportunity of 27000 acres in Sutherland for Red Sika and Roe on the estate, ongoing negotiations, plus we have a 3000-acre block at Lochaber in Scotland being looked at same 3 species. We have a grouse moor this season of 800 acres 2 will be sold as formal days 2 for the syndicate in October 18th and November 14th book with me limited 8 guns you will pay though £10.00 a bird only.

We have had a mixed year and we have retained a strong base of members. New memberships are steady and growing.

Lost or dropped shoots:
Trawesgoed, Nebo, Cwm Pennant Few visits, Nebo can be visited leave cheque for Alan Vaughan £25.00 a visit and claim back from us centrally for re-imbursement.

New Rough Shoots:
Bala 550 acres replacing Nebo much better land 4 cages here and bird to wood for rough days only. Pulham 780 acres we are sole lessee now and I have had 5 acres of cover crop put in to this along with the other cover crop and maize the farmer puts in we are clearing lift of points by strimming some corridors in the crop. Barrels are being put down to hold pheasant; this is rough shoot only.

Walked up shoots:
We have negotiating a new walked up shoot off mixed land approximately 550 acre outside Baal, we will again place 700-1200 pheasant on the land here. We have ordered 133 feeder barrels at £1000.00 to enhance all the shoots and give better average chances of bagging. Plus in Pembroke near Fish guard 2 new rough shoots soon to be followed with another 2 one being a top snipe woodcock shoot. 800 acre grouse moor in Wales 4 days walked up only let me know if you wish to go on a day 1 each month from 12 august (totally booked) rest are free. The 12th of August saw 9 birds pinned and we felt due to low numbers not to shoot the moor till next year.

I have agreed a grouse moor for 2006 over 2000 acres. For walked up organized days.

Stalking Blocks:

Kent Stalking
We have a stalk available now in the Kent area, details will be available on the web site in 3 week’s; this is a high seat operation with a guide. Fallow are the normal quarry, I have negotiated a £60.00 outing fee an outing is classed as 4 hours here, we will subsidies 2 visits on production of proof of visit from the stalker/ghillie on site to the tune of £20.00 you will be allowed to take the body @ 50p-60p per kilo and head at no extra cost. I hope you appreciate the added value gained for members. Non-members are at £120.00 plus £20.00 a point and 60 pence a kilo garrolched and head and feet of and skinned. So expect a bill around a 40-50 kilo animal say 45=£27.00

Dorset Stalking Blocks x 5

  • 1 Pulham 780 acres.
  • 1 Lower Bagber 400 acres.
  • 1 Map powder 400 acres.
  • 1 Pulham 80 acres woodland and hedging.
  • 1 Bala 550 acres woodland’s.

North Devon
We have still not heard here and countryside charter right of way is still causing a delay on this bid.

Wiltshire Swindon Area
No progress here.

Aberdeen-shire near Fraser burgh
We decide not to take this on to far to manage effectively for us currently.

Wild Fowling, new permit shoots extending your season: -We have access to 33 new wild-fowling shoots on various estuaries throughout the country which extends your season by a month the cost per visit is between £5.00 – £20.00 and you MUST be a BASC member, you pay directly for the shoot and get a receipt send this to me and we will reimburse the cost directly back to you on 3-5 visits dependant on cost of permit only after this you must pay your dues directly yourself. I trust you will appreciate and support the initiative, be well mannered, safe, and courteous to members of these wild fowling associations

We need to consolidate on what we have for the 2005/6 season priority objective are:

  1. Place feeders in each pheasant shoot.
  2. Ensure they are fed on. 2.5 part time gamekeepers now doing this.
  3. Put down pheasant/partridge in most in house shoots where viable! Land type allows and holds Pheasant put to wood at Map powder, Presteigne, Llangollen, Bala.
  4. Ensure the quality of shoots is improved and maintained.
  5. Where we are allowed put in duck ponds and put mallard down in selected shoots for this coming year. 2 Duck ponds at Llangollen with river frontage, 2 new ponds one’s at Whitchurch and a new one at Hawick, we now have 4 guns on the Robertson shoot 30-bird day.
  6. Add 4 new shoots and 1 stalk for 2005/6 only. Subject to retention of membership being maintained or making the stalks shoots pay commercially in some areas. We have increased this

Driven shoots:
We have many driven shoots in our portfolio but they have a small discount applying saving averagely £2.00 a bird cost.

BASC insurance premiums for syndicate members
The response to this scheme was poor and I can’t actually believe you like to pay an extra £11.00 for your insurance! But I did my best to encourage members to sign up as a syndicate.

Member’s day out December 2004 repeated from 3rd magazine.

We had a day out on one of our duck flight days at Llyn Bwlch, organised by myself we had a good turnout of 11 and we did a walked up day on Nebo in the morning nothing exciting as we started to form up for the first gully push a large woodcock winged out really slowly no one was ready typical! A few partridge seen plenty of woodpigeon all out of range a lucky Mallard! An unlucky snipe taken and 1 pheasant shot but did a runner and we did not locate it. At the lake we did everything right and as we approached someone let fly at some duck flight coming in all hell broke loose on the water and 100 plus teal widgeon and mallard were up and gone, so that was that a Hare was shot in the bog land behind the lake and many snipe moved. We closed play at 4.10pm getting dark and did the honorable thing at the Bridge inn located in Llanfihangel TH. I thank you all for your efforts and hope we can repeat the event next year.

The shoot at Hawick has been well used which is encouraging and we will retain this remember it is a small Walked up day for 8 guns Dates will be sent when we get them given to us.

New Brochures

They have been adjusted to take into account land won and land we have let go

Walked up Day Dates Map Powder mixed day
October 27th, November 10th 17th 24th, December 8th 15th 29th, January 5th 19th 26th (Thursdays), February 1st.

Walked up days Llangollen mixed day
October 28th, November 11th 18th 25th, December 9th 23rd 31st, January 6th 20th 27th, February 1st.

Walked up days Hawick mixed day
October 8th 22nd, November 5th 19th, December 3rd 17th 2nd 14th 28th, February 1st.

Walked up Grouse At Cerrrig-y-driddion of the A5 between Corwen and Betws-y-coed.
Dates are 12th August (booked) 7th October (Free) 31st October (Free) November 12th (Free) 25th November And 10th December (Free) Members £75.00 per gun + £20 brace, non-members £170.00 plus £20.00 a brace. Black Cock and Red Grouse, the following season we will put a 1000 partridge to cover members £12.00 a bird non-members £25.00.

If you want to book any of these days please do so as soon as possible we will sell to make gun days up if we have insufficient members booking?

If you have not tried any of our shoots please try them. They are rewarding and fun.

Listing of wildfowling club shoots and there locations plus contact details.
Please ensure you are familiar with the respective rules and regulations of each of these wildfowling clubs we need to ensure good relationships with them at all times please report back to me and the club ‘contact’ let me know your bag for the day, note there may be restrictions on how many duck geese you may take and what and where you can shoot and can’t due to tides and weather severity.

How it works, you choose where you want to wildfowl we will pick up part of your cost on receipt of proof of payment we will reimburse you up to a maximum of £40.00 per season only. Unless stated otherwise.

Only members will have access to the details of each area and contact numbers.

On joining us a list will be supplied in your CD package of information or printed hard copy if you do not have a computer.