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Happy New Year
Well another year has come and gone the facts, as you get older they go faster! Well we have our 121st member by February end 2005, which hopefully increase at a steady pace towards the 200 members by October 2005 this gives long term stability to our objectives, in store for the coming season’s, most shoots you can visit outside the bird season for vermin or specific stalking still go on all season, with Hare also available. Also you now have access to many wildfowl clubs see list and whom to contact all you need is your BASC number, and copies of shotgun certificate in general’ we have an extended period until the 20th of February.

If you are not planning on rejoining please let me know ASP, as I then can plan for the future, as an example 20 renewals are due this month or last, and not one has appeared to date! I have to pay out for land leases now and at the end of February (Some renewals have been promised though), renewals in November and December were exceptional 98%, this month could be an after Xmas headache situation but if you are not going to re-join I need to at least be informed and I can plan accordingly! Just a common courtesy. Please fill in form attached confirming you will be re-joining for the current season.

Lost or dropped shoots:
Trawesgoed Estate has been in family turmoil and although handled by Savilles I feel we have no long term future here and it has not proved popular (to far away) and again I don’t know where we are from one day to the next we are not due to sign contracts now till April and we are being messed around by the owners, again poor communications from them. I hear the problem from a member first instead of a direct call myself. Just not good enough!

Cwm pennant x 2 has been dropped due to few visits and distance for members. Plus the Police are unhappy with the owner on rifle reasons.

New Shoots:
Bearing in mind we have some great ongoing retained shoots I want to improve those but bring better quality in house I’m learning every day. Current this season: there is an air-rifle section only at Wimborne, Dorset on the banks of the R.Stour, 87 acres owned by Phillip Lock at Shillingstone Dorset – 177 acres near Bala North Wales the farmer is Richard Skinner, it is in 2 blocks, 1 is good rough shoot, snipe fields and hare here, with pigeon and woodcock in the Beech woodland in the ravine, the larger section has snipe and 2 coveys of partridge and hefty odd wandering pheasant here! And 500 acres at Corwen /Bala. 3 Pembrokeshire 2 in Wiltshire plus stalks on land are probable here as well.

News from Dorset
Graham House at Laurence farm has been a steady provider to us over 2 seasons now and myself and Tim Hill a local member have discussed with Graham the possibility of putting 2 pens in the woods along with feeding the duck ponds, x 2 and placing feeders strategically in certain areas to hold bird , and he has agreed verbally and we are meeting end of February to walk around and set our stall out, we will put 3-400 birds down, a mix of pheasant and partridge for the coming season. We will have some commercial walked days which will pay for the bird cost’s and if you are interested in any of these days as a member it would only be £35.00 plus £10.00 for lunch non-members will be charged at £135.00. We will have a mix of both types of members, 8 guns maximum, but you can still as a member go here on your own cost first 5 visits £20.00 each season after this its free. Graham Hosie at Pulham North Dairy Farm has proved hard to deal with this season, but on my visit to him on the 27th of the month, and after getting his jollies (Single malt for new year) I put it to him about what he actually wanted to do, as I had started to despair we would lose this totally, anyway Graham does not shoot and he has had it in his mind that other people are charging £25.00 a bird? Now I know where he is coming from, I did explain and put him right by describing costs for driven shooting and costs for walked up shooting and that we view his farm as a walked up venue, he understood what the differences are now, the good news , we have agreed a full lease now for his 700 acres all to ourselves! accept his two friends, may shoot, and this was verbally agreed and hand shakes done, so subject to contract and subject to our membership renewals staying good in the South,I will sign a long term contract giving stability and a damned good shoot to boot, and will add feeders on to the shoot area as well, we will be on the same terms till I sign the contract in March end, but you can book and go as normal now. Mappowder is to have 10 named days on a Thurdsday during the season for 8 guns @ £150.00 a gun the demand for this service is there so we will provide the days.

New woodpigeon rabbit shoot at Suckley Worcestershire
This is an excellent wood pigeon shoot available to members over 450 acres 350 being woodland beech and deciduous mix. Some grass seed fields and other cover crops. Decoy or walked up is OK here.

Nice location and on my visits we have had 10 plus wood pigeon some on 2lb in weight you just need to know there flight paths so a couple of visits will suit you well, you can bag rabbit here, kill all squirrels and Jays please, the open fields need to have a hide on them for success the owner does not mind this and we are considering some roost shoots during the summer for meet dates please ring me first, you can park in the houses courtyard, please ring and ask for Ron Cotam telephone number 01886-880227 book via myself first though please, the owner has a booking sheet please fill it in (if not at home leave a note of your name number and bag taken) I am arranging a member’s/ beaters mop up day or two at the end of the season for all cock pheasant no cost just a job to be done as a bonus iif you want to be on this let me know asap so I can book you in. renewing members will get updated CD rom or hard copy with details if you want to book and go I will send you the A4 summary at that time.

Walked up shoots:
for next season in Shropshire a high quality walked up shoot in good cover crops and woodlands of 2000 acres at Little Wenlock near Telford, this includes 500 pheasant and a keeper to feed and water. We will add a further 500 birds every 2nd month making a top shoot, We are negotiating a new walked up shoot off mixed land approximately 500 acre outside Bala, we will again place 700-1200 pheasant on the land here. We have ordered 133 feeder barrels at £1000.00 to enhance all the shoots and give better average chances of bagging.

Stalking Blocks:
At Hadnall near Little Wenlock Shropshire a real prize 5000 acres of Fallow and Roe and Muncjac again an error was made here and it will be 8000 acres although this will be restricted to 10 rifles only, and carefully managed I need commitment from interested parties first option to our stalkers in house! the cull set at 45 –50 Fallow, the bucks are superb here and big bodied animals members cost £750 a rifle non-members £900 if wish to view please let me know ASAP, 4 members committed already, if I cannot fill the gaps with members internally I will have to bring outsiders in to cover the costs. I need commitment by interested parties and deposit’s of 20% by return this weekend, if you don’t wish to proceed at viewing you will be refunded in 3 days. (all Sold7.3.2005)

Kent Stalking
We have a stalk available now in the Kent area, details will be available on the web site in 3 week’s; this is a high seat operation with a guide. Fallow are the normal quarry, I have negotiated a £60.00 outing fee an outing is classed as 4 hours here, we will subsidies 2 visits on production of proof of visit from the stalker/ghillie on site to the tune of £20.00 you will be allowed to take the body @ 50p-60p per kilo and head at no extra cost. I hope you appreciate the added value gained for members. Non-members are at £120.00 plus £20.00 a point and 60 pence a kilo garrolched and head and feet of and skinned. So expect a bill around a 40-50 kilo animal say 45=£27.00.

Dorset Stalking Blocks x 2
I have signed up the rough rights and Roe stalking at Graham Hosies farm now and during discussions I made an offer for his stalking he agreed and we will have this on line by April 2005, also his brother-in-Law has a small 400 acre farm at Bagber, with Roe deer on the land and we have signed this as well soon as cheque is paid over to him. I envisage also that the cost of this will be as follows £750.00 – 5 rifles on the 700 acre block only 1 guest rifle retained also the 400 acre block 3 rifles and a guest rifle.

North Devon
I have also through my contacts tendered for 5 blocks in North Devon and subject to right to roam situation being clarified we will have these blocks 2 will go in the pot for members as in house stalks and 3 will be sold to private rifles as I have to recover cost of blocks externally, all will have rough shooting access for in house members. Red and Roe deer.

Wiltshire Swindon Area
I am of to see this 2 block piece of land week commencing 28th of March we have got it subject to contract and an examination of the land on the ground. I will confirm acreages etc soon as I can.

Aberdeen-shire near Fraserburgh
A 900 acre Red and roe deer stalk along with rough shooting rights is being visited on the 22nd of March for potentially coming into the operation again I will keep interested parties up to date.

A small 120-acre shoot rough near Northampton that could be much improved is also being viewed.

North Wales at Dolgellau
A 4300 acre block has been successfully added to our Stalking land the Nannau estate the animals are Fallow Deer and this has not been stalked for 20 plus years to our current knowledge, 5 rifles only with a house rifle for my guests if need be. Cost £1000 cull 40 animals as the herd are 180 plus here I expect the rifles to go quickly. 3 left.

We need a shoot/stalk in Wiltshire, Gloucester or Hampshire, and Leicestershire areas please keep your ears and eyes open please let me know. A small advert is in the Painswick Beacon magazine targeting Gloucestershire.

Wild Fowling, new permit shoots extending your season:
We have access to 33 new wild-fowling shoots on various estuaries throughout the country which extends your season by a month the cost per visit is between £5.00 – £20.00 and you MUST be a BASC member, you pay directly for the shoot and get a receipt send this to me and we will reimburse the cost directly back to you on 3-5 visits dependant on cost of permit only after this you must pay your dues directly yourself. I trust you will appreciate and support the initiative, be well mannered, safe, and courteous to members of these wild fowling associations

We need to consolidate on what we have for the 2005/6 season priority objective are:

  1. Place feeders in each shoot.
  2. Ensure they are fed on.
  3. Put down pheasant/partridge in most in house shoots where viable! Land type allows and holds.
  4. Ensure the quality of shoots is improved and maintained.
  5. Where we are allowed put in duck ponds and put mallard down in selected shoots for this coming year.
  6. Add 4 new shoots and 1 stalk for 2005/6 only. Subject to retention of membership being maintained or making the stalks shoots pay commercially in some areas.

Driven shoots
I need feedback from members on this I was proposing Prestiegne /Knighton, and Nebo in North Wales both have superb valley section roll off’s offering testing high bird, plus established feeder cages are already in-place, some basic repairs are needed a few days work should sort them out, but the idea is to have this as a part commercial operation, cash raised from the shoots, will go towards the pheasant needs on other shoots also members will be charged £15.00 a bird? Guests £25.00 so offering a cost effective driven day for 4 members per outing. We do have to make a charge as there are substantial cost involved all round.

The rest of our shoots will in time become nice quality walked up shoots and with some land enhancements placing strategic ponds throughout suitable shoots, we have the makings of a great mixed operation on all our land.

BASC insurance premiums for syndicate members
Currently I have added your details to our syndicate insurance proposal for your forth-coming renewal instead of The £50.00 per annum fee it will be £39.00 please send cheque’s to me for renewal and make cheque out to BASC as we are an affiliates in one group the problem is getting all of you to forward a cheque so I can pay in one go for all the members. I have to choose a date that date is 15th March every year there for you all need to send a renewal then, most of us have BASC cover and this is the awkward bit, if you have more than 6 months cover left BASC will refund you that % amount but meantime you have to fork out the £39.00 sorry I can do nothing about this but they promise you will have your money back in 30 days. The ball is in your court now to send me your payment for mid March.

Member’s day out December 2004
We had a day out on one of our duck flight days at Llyn Bwlch, organised by myself we had a good turnout of 11 and we did a walked up day on Nebo in the morning nothing exciting as we started to form up for the first gully push a large woodcock winged out really slowly no one was ready typical! A few partridge seen plenty of woodpigeon all out of range a lucky Mallard! An unlucky snipe taken and 1 pheasant shot but did a runner and we did not locate it. At the lake we did everything right and as we approached someone let fly at some duck flight coming in all hell broke loose on the water and 100 plus teal widgeon and mallard were up and gone, so that was that a Hare was shot in the bog land behind the lake and many snipe moved. We closed play at 4.10pm getting dark and did the honorable thing at the Bridge inn located in Llanfihangel TH. I thank you all for your efforts and hope we can repeat the event next year.

The shoot at Hawick has been well used which is encouraging and we will retain this remember it is a small driven day for 8 guns and a duck flight dates left are 15th January and the 27th book early not to be disappointed.

New Brochures
I have initiated a new brochure, which is being distributed in the next few months to all retail shops as part of this initiative we offer the shop owner a £35.00 cheque per sign up and an incentive table, which is to encourage him to actively promote our shoots and services. And why not members becoming pro-active you must at least know 4 –5 shooters and the best point of reference is by promoting what you use your self. If you want 10-20 brochures just le me know and you can be earning a £35.00 cheque per sale and working to a free membership for the coming season. (See attached) member reward sheet. I have met a number of members during the season and have had a day out with them, some success on each of these days was experienced, and again I enjoyed the day out on each occasion thank you for the company and the thanks you all gave me for doing a good job.

See below a few pictures taken with members and others.

Good day at Whitchurch Tony Sargeants first day bagging game, look 2 snipe beginners luck I guess!

Bob Glynn, Jamie Le Suer, (member) Tony Sargeant, (member) and John Rowlands (farmer) at Trefor shoot near Llahelhearn on the Llyn Peninsula.


 Tim Hill and Barney at Map Powder we had 4 pheasant moved 20 odd and saw 2 coveys of Partridge and moved some good snipe to quick for us and had a wonderful a wonderful day.

Dave Roberts at Whitchurch 29th January, a nice brace of Mallard two teal and a pigeon’s few shots at Mr.Fox to boot as well, and we had a great day finished accordingly in the local hostelry.

Here is Dave Emmonds we are at Nebo pigeon shooting a lovely day and the pigeon were proving to smart for us plenty around we bagged 2 for the day, Dave is from Canada (English though) and misses the local pub social graces, I did make up for this on 2 occasions while he was over, Thanks for the company Dave and safe flight back (See you in June for some serious fishing and a wee bit of hunting.) Bob Glynn

If you have not tried any of our shoots please try them. They are rewarding and fun.

Lastly I wish you and your families a happy and successful New Year and hope to meet more of you in 2005.